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Michael Vick Doesn't Think Loss is His Fault, Predicts and Supports QB Change in Philly

The Eagles aren’t in a good place right now and it all has to do with Michael Vick. The quarterback always gets blames when things get rough, that comes with the territory, but in Philadelphia things are getting tense and it seems they’re coming to a head. After getting stomped by the Falcons in front of a Philly friendly crowd, Vick stands firm behind his claim that the loss wasn’t his fault, but he’s not about to pretend things are gumdrops and lollipops.

“Obviously, he’s thinking about making a change at quarterback.” Vick said to CSN Philadelphia after the loss. “If he makes that decision, I support it.”

It’s nice to know that Vick is aware of his failings and that he’s not pining it on others. This is a clearly a case of a unit breaking down on all levels and although Vick isn’t totally to blame for the mess in Philly, a lot of it is his fault. Something’s got to change in Philly and even though it’s not as ugly as things are in New York with the Jets, but it’s close.

If Tim Tebow was in Philly backing up Vick, you’d be hard pressed to believe fans wouldn’t have rioted by now trying to get him to start. The current backup Nick Foles has an impressive preseason, and we may see what he can do in the regular season as soon as next Monday against the Saints.

“It’s tough when you know everything is up in the balance, but that’s the decision that coach is thinking about making, and I’m going to fight until he says, ‘Come on out,’ and he takes me out of the game,” Vick said. “Despite everything that’s been said the last couple weeks, I still continue to put in the hard work and the effort and try to do everything I can to prepare and win football games, man. I can’t do it by myself. I would love to stay in there and finish what I started. It would mean the world to me. But, hey, that’s not my decision right now.”

The Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy will keep the Eagles away from their facilities on Monday so we won’t get further word on this debate until Tuesday at the earliest. We can speculate all we want until then, but as of now Vick is still the starter in Philly.

But Eagles fans and the rest of the NFL is starting to see that’s probably not the best idea at the moment.


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