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Micheal Vick Out, Nick Foles In For Eagles

For Eagles fans that have been clamoring for a quarterback change, they got that very things on Sunday but not the way you’re probably thinking. Vick got the start, and even lead the Eagles for a score on their opening drive (you can do that?!?!) but he didn’t last much longer than that. It still isn’t totally clear how Vick got injured or what is hurting him but the facts are that he’s out and rookie backup Nick Foles is in.

The common consensus is that Vick may have suffered a concussion when he was slammed by Cowboys linebacker Ernie Sims. Vick’s head smacked the ground pretty hard but he wasn’t writhing in pain. He walked off under his own power and even took himself to the locker room, but he has yet to return to the game and it’s unlikely that he will.

Not only has Vick struggled, but the NFL has been beyond strict with concussion rules and all teams must look no further than RGIII in Week 5 to see how serious the NFL is about head injuries. The Redskins didn’t allow RGIII back into the game but simply by using tricky wording they were fined $20,000 by the league.

The long and short of it is that Vick’s out and Foles is in and Eagles fans, by way of an injury, have finally gotten what they’ve been asking for all along. It’s ironic though that Vick was actually putting together a solid game that his backup can now very much lose. Vick came into the starting job two years ago by way of an injury to then starter Kevin Kolb and has been there ver since.

The story would come full circle if Foles now takes over the Eagles starting gig by way of a Vick injury, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If we’re comparnig situations we might as well say Vick leaving injured and Foles coming in is the second coming of the Dew Bledsoe-Tom Brady story.

Let’s take this one game at a time, but Foles is in, and we now get to see just how well (or horrible) the plan of him as a starter will go.

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