Former NFL TE Jerramy Stevens Arrested for Domestic Assault Involving Hope Solo

If you even vaguely remember who Jerramy Stevens is, the image of him giving the ol’ knee to the crotch shot to an Oakland Raider probably comes to mind. Either that or one of his numerous mug shots — he’s been bad news and always has been. But for some reason, the beautiful but troubled Hope Solo is engaged to him, but is paying a physical price because of it. Stevens was arrested but not charged for allegedly assaulting Solo.

First off, Jerramy Stevens somehow bedded Hope Solo? I might be out of the loop, but wasn’t she dating that Dancing with the Stars guy?

The story is literally so over the top it’s hard to believe unless you’re familiar with Stevens history. Apparently Solo and Stevens were set to get married today, but the two got into an argument over, of all things, where’s they’d live. Solo wanted to live in Washington State, Stevans wanted to live in Florida and when Solo said no, his fist allegedly said yes.

It might just be me, but if you’re in a position to marry Hope Solo and she says she’s wants to live at the bottom of a dumpster in a back alley over in Dublin, I’m hard pressed to say no let alone attack her for saying as much.

Stevens has had a history of drugs, violence and arrests, being accused at one time of armed assault and rape. He bounced around the NFL playing for the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before both dumped him because of his attitude. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer had the report on Stevens arrest and the events that transpired.

According to the report, 34-year-old Marcus Solo was the one who called police Monday. After officers talked to him outside the house, Hope Solo emerged from the home with blood on her elbow. She was not very cooperative with the police, at one point yelling to her brother, “Don’t say anything to them, Marcus,” according to the police report.

The unknown guests left before police arrived, but the officers had reason to sweep the home, where they found eight intoxicated people. According to the police report, they saw drops of blood inside the house, and there was another woman laying on the kitchen floor with a hip inury.

Police found Stevens purportedly alseep on the floor of an upstairs bedroom. According to the police report, Stevens said he had not heard the altercation between Marcus Solo and the unwanted male guests. An officer asked why Stevens was hiding on the floor behind the bed; Stevens said he wasn’t hiding but was sleeping.

Police noticed, however, that Stevens had blood on his cheek and his shirt. Stevens told the reporting officer that the blood on his cheek may have gotten there when Hope Solo, 31, kissed him. Stevens did not have an answer for why there was dried blood on his shirt, according to documents.

-Seattle Post-Intelligencer report

So it’s still unclear whether or not Stevens actually hit Solo. Officers arrived to the scene and because there was dried blood, and because the call was due to domestic violence and Stevens admitted to arguing with Solo, he was booked on suspicion of fourth-degree assault but wasn’t charged.

But the blood on Stevens shirt is allegedly from Solo kissing him, after blood was drawn somewhere suggesting that the reconciliation came after the incident. So maybe Stevens and Solo are a match made in sporting relationship Hell. Details are still emerging but this is an ugly story both parties should probably distance themselves from.

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