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Source: "Significant" Concussion Could Significantly Alter Michael Vick's Career

When Michael Vick suffered a “significant” concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys, nothing was though much of it beyond the fact that he’d be out the next week and Eagles fans would finally get to see Nick Foles take over the starting role. But according a report, source close to the situation says that Vick’s concussion is truly serious and that it could alter the course of his career — and even end it.

Vick is no stranger to contact and he’s historically not been one to shy away from it either. But he may have paid a serious toll for the decade worth of brutality his body has endured, as those inside the Eagles organization fear this concussion will end Vick’s season.

This then creates a ripple effect that is dangerously close to a domino effect fallacy. If Vick’s season is over, that means the concussion is truly significant, and it means the Eagles will likely cut Vick as a result. That’s not to say they wouldn’t bring him back but if his concussion is serious enough to end his season, there is no way the Eagles are going to pay him the $15.5 million they owe him.

Frankly, that wasn’t going to happen anyways, but the concussion matter only helps the Eagles justify themselves more so.

The Eagles cutting Vick would mean that anyone who wants him could have him, but his value has significantly decreased from his return-to-form season two years ago. It now appears it wasn’t a return-to-form season but rather a farewell tour of the old Michael Vick we grew to be amazed by before he decided to buy dogs and kill them for sport.

Vick was untouchable when he was healthy and released from prison. How do you think NFL teams will view him when he’s unhealthy and freshly cut?

If this concussion is truly serious enough to end Vick’s season and shy teams away from signing him even at a bargain bin price, the question is then begged as to whether or not Vick should call it a career. He proved everyone wrong by returning after a prison stint to have an MVP caliber year, but he’s once again limping into obscurity.

Vick had one comeback tour in him, but with concussion problems and the fight against brain damage hitting a peak in the NFL, a second tour seems unlikely.

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