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Bart Scott Attempts Awkward Media Mutiny After Jets Win

The Jets may have won on Sunday for the first time in forever, but linebacker Bart Scott tried to put a damper on the occasion by continuing his ongoing fued with the New York media by shunning them after the game and trying to start a media boycott.

It makes sense that Scott wants to close the media out, after all it’s because of their jobs that all the animosity towards the Jets is felt. Well, outside of actually playing so bad that the media has nothing to write about except how awful you are — I understand Scott’s hatred of the New York sports writing community.

Fromthe sounds of it, it was an awkward atmosphere in the Jets locker room after the game. Some are saying that the boycott was an inside joke Scott and his teammates were playing up, but if that was the case, New York Post writer Bart Hubbuch didn’t think it was very funny, and live tweeted the chaos after the game.

The chaos apparently included Scott leading a ‘media mutiny’ and according to Hubbuch, Scott was violently threatening any defensive player that didn’t respond to the media by simply saying “both teams played hard.”





That all was followed up by the New York Jets branch of CBS Sports tweeting that the boycott was a joke, something Hubbuch also didn’t think funny, responding that writers that weren’t in the room are apparently experts on the situation.

So in addition to the Jets not being able to win even when they actually do win, we discovered that the New York media is still as unbearable and unlikable as the team they cover.

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