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Tim Tebow Has Two Broken Ribs; Rex Ryan Stands Behind Sanchez as Starter

The Patriots feasted on Thanksgiving. The real turkey was the Jets offense on Thursday. Any Thanksgiving cliche you want to say the fact of the matter remains that the situation in New York is disgusting to watch and brutal to imagine experiencing. By halftime on Thursday night, MetLife Stadium was seemed half empty and was deathly quiet as the Patriots had put up a 35-3 lead.

Everyone needs someone to blame this on and right now Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez are the scapegoats — rightfully so. But the biggest question during Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day Massacre was where was Tim Tebow?

Before we make demands yet again to see Tim Tebow under center for the Jets, we need to acknowledge that nothing will work in this offense, not even Tebow and his blessings. But to see Mark Sanchez trotted out there series after series is painful to watch and it’s understandable that Jets fans want, at the very least, something different to maybe have hope in.

However, Tebow never took the field on Thursday night and the reason is two broken ribs. Tebow told reporters after the game he didn’t see any action because of those ribs and leading up to kickoff it was questionable as to whether Tebow would even be active.

“As the week went on it seemed to get progressively worse,” Rex Ryan said of Tebow after the game. “He had practiced and things but it just seemed like a couple days ago I was noticing him like, man, you could tell he was hurt.”

Speaking of Rexy boy, his problems begin and likely will end because of Sanchez, but he’s continuing to stick to his guns and stand firm in his belief that Mark Sanchez is the quarterback that should be under center.

“Mark will be the starting quarterback this week and we’ll go from there,” Ryan said. “It’s hardly on one guy. [Sanchez] had a 94 quarterback rating. I thought Mark threw the ball well. You can’t blame it on just one individual and I think Mark does give us the best chance to win right now and that’s what we’ll do.”

Many believe Ryan’s job is tethered to the success of Sanchez and  so far, not so good. But you’ve got to hand it to Rex, even though he’s in the cockpit of a flaming jet in a severe downward trajectory, he’s not letting anyone change his mind in the quarterback department. Is that the best move, perhaps not. But at this point guys are just playing for jobs and Rex may realize his fate has long been sealed.

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