November 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) against the New Orleans Saints prior to a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The 49ers defeated the Saints 31-21. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick Drawing Unfair Criticism For Tattoos

The San Francisco 49ers have one of the most publicized quarterback controversies in the NFL with Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith battling it out for the starting job. While Kaepernick has drawn nothing but praise for his performance on the field, he is now being unfairly attacked by a report for his tattoos.

That’s right, there is a tattoo controversy in San Francisco.

David Whitley of AOL FanHouse put together an absolutely ludicrous article trashing Kaepernick for his tattoos and even went as far as to compare him to a maximum security prisoner. Here is how Whitley started off his outrageous column:

San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick is going to be a big-time NFL quarterback. That must make the guys in San Quentin happy. Approximately 98.7 percent of the inmates at California’s state prison have tattoos. I don’t know that as fact, but I’ve watched enough “Lockup” to know it’s close to accurate.

I’m also pretty sure less than 1.3 percent of NFL quarterbacks have tattoos. There’s a reason for that.

NFL quarterback is the ultimate position of influence and responsibility. He is the CEO of a high-profile organization, and you don’t want your CEO to look like he just got paroled.

The asinine comments from Whitley continued to pour out as he spewed his venom onto the website.

“I realize tattoos are ways to pay homage to your religion, children and motorcycle gang. I’m cool with LeBron James looking like an Etch A Sketch.”

Oh, so LeBron is in a motorcycle gang now? That’s nice to know.

I realize not all NFL quarterbacks are pristine. Ben Roethlisberger has a “COURAGE” tattoo on the right side of his upper body. Smith has one honoring his Serbian heritage. They can’t be seen when the players put on their uniforms.

Then there are Michael Vick and Terrelle Pryor. Neither exactly fit the CEO image, unless your CEO has done a stretch in Leavenworth or has gotten Ohio State on probation over free tattoos.

This is almost too absurd to even deserve a response. So because Vick and Pryor are black and have tattoos they do not fit the CEO image? So much for a lack of racism in the writing world.

Everything Whitley wrote is just flat out wrong. Tattoos have no impact on your skill, leadership or any valuable trait that actually makes a successful quarterback.

You can criticize a man for not doing his job well, but when you start to paint him unfairly with a broad brush because of some ink that he chose to put on his body to express himself, you have crossed the line. Whitley should be ashamed of himself. He closed with this gem:

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves here, but it’s not hard to envision [Laepernick] leading the 49ers into the playoffs. If not this season, in the years to come. His ink-covered arms will one day raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Imagine the impact that could have.

Yes, what an impact. A talented kid achieves his goal and gets to live out his dream. What a horrible impact that would have. Get a hold of yourself, Mr. Whitley.

Perhaps Whitley needs to go get a tattoo so he can stop being an uptight, stone-age journalist.

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  • Kenny Mccullough

    Wat a moron u r whitley

  • csframeSD

    Don’t play the race card with Vick and Pryor. Whitley’s argument is stupid, but trying to play the race card when he’s obviously talking about the fact that Pryor was suspended before he could play and Vick was in prison is equally ludicrous and irresponsible.

  • Joshua Gaboriault

    It’s pretty sad when people don’t have negative things to say about a man, so they have to go after his image. Guess, what sir, I know a lot of great and well respected people that have far more tattoos than Keapernick. Why don’t you do us all a favor and shut up, go back to being a lousy beat writer somewhere!

    • joshsanchez

      Couldn’t agree more, Josh!

  • GEE

    these are the type of writers that wants to be known because all their other stories wasn’t read by anyone so they start writing about nonsense. In my culture (samoa) alot of people with leadership roles have tattoo’s on their bodies thats always shown. So who are you to judge you dumb monkey. I bet you didn’t like me calling you a dumb monkey yeah dumb monkey. Grow the F up and write about something that really matters, like him playing like his been a starter for a while.

    • joshsanchez

      Respect, GEE!