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CBS Sports Gives "Fantasy Football Analysis" Update on Jovan Belcher's Status

Murder is a horrifying thing, and when it’s coupled with the equally confusing concept of suicide and the complications that stem from that, the world becomes in interesting and hard place to digest. We all know that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher murdered his girlfriend and mother of their child and then drove to a public place to commit suicide. But the folks at CBS Sports gave you the information you really wanted.

What is Jovan Belcher’s fantasy status?

It’s not nearly as tasteless as it sounds on the surface, so before you set down the pitch forks and torches for a moment and get the whole story. First thing’s first, the folks at CBS Sports probably should have left the Fantasy Analysis section blank, as they did with the Injury Update box. But whoever is in charge of running the information into those boxes felt it necessary to give Belcher a send off in the fantasy football department.

The blurb has since been removed by CBS, but before it was, Belcher’s fantasy analysis read as such:

“This is a bizarre and tragic incident and there are plenty of details still left out. The Chiefs play Carolina Week 13 and will do so with a very heavy heart. Belcher was just 25 years old out of West babylon, N.Y. He attended Maine college and was a four year veteran of the NFL. He had 38 tackles and was not a Fantasy IDP option in most formats.”

It honestly could have been a lot worse than that, but thankfully it’s tastelessness was kept at a minimum. Some people won’t find anything wrong with it, as it doesn’t say anything severe like “drop from all rosters” but regardless of how you feel about how the events surrounding Belcher’s untimely death went down, fantasy football is really the last thing people should worry about and it’s beyond the last place a blurb should be put up about a deceased player’s fantasy status, mo matter how mild it is.

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