22-year-old Kasandra Perkins and her three-month old daughter, Zoey. Photo via Instagram

Kansas City Chiefs To Start Fund For Jovan Belcher's Three-Month Old Daughter

For a moment today, members of the Kansas City Chiefs organization were able to temporarily put yesterday’s tragic events at the team facility in the back of their mind while they fought their way to their second win of the season with a 27-21 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Following the game, the Chiefs players were back at square one and realized the grieving process is still nowhere close to being over. There will be a funeral and the lasting images of Jovan Belcher’s suicide in the team parking lot by those who witnessed the horrifying events.

Then, there is Belcher’s three-month old daughter, Zoey, who was left an orphan after Belcher took his own life and the life of his 22-year-old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins.

Before the game, quarterback Brady Quinn told the media that everyone was still shocked by the tragic events.

“I think everyone is just so shocked at what had taken place, being who it was and being what had happened,” Quinn told the Kansas City Star. “I think people are still trying to digest everything let alone think about playing a game. It’s tough to put into words.”

While the players and families are still dealing with everything that happened, Quinn did acknowledge that Zoey is the main person who keeps coming into everyone’s minds.

And then we’re all thinking about his daughter, three or four months old and without a parent. It’s hard to not allow the emotions of the situation to creep into your head with the game this close. But we’re going to do the best we can to concentrate on the task at hand.”

After the Chiefs win on Sunday, Quinn told the media that the team will be doing something to help Zoey grow up with providers. Per Quinn, the team will put together a fund for Zoey so that she has the care she needs as you blossoms into an adult.

It’s such a shame that an innocent child was left an orphan because of such a horrible series of events, but it is great to see a group of men coming together to make sure the young girl feels the love and care that she deserves but was robbed of.

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