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Upset Watch: Can Seahawks Pull Off Upset of Bears?

Of the matchups on Sunday, one has upset written all over it just as much as it has blow out scrawled across the banner. The Seahawks are traveling to Chicago (negative ten points right off the bat) and are four point underdogs against the Bears. But while Seattle has played pretty awful on the road this year, Pete Carroll and company could stroll into the Windy City and steal one from the Bears.

The only question is how?

While the Bears defense pretty much speaks for itself, the offense is kind of like the not so attractive girl that hangs out with the super hot girl just to be seen. Jay Cutler is the ugly man-child to the sexy stylings of Peanut Tillman and the stout Bears defense. It’s that terribly impotent offense that is a constant achilles heel for the Bears and makes them upset candidates in games like this.

Sure, Brandon Marshall is outstanding, but he’s one man and the Seahawks are more than capable of taking him out of the game as a factor. Between Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, Marshall is likely going to find it hard to be major factor in this game which means Jay Cutler has to win it himself.

The Houston Texans noted in their preparation for the Bears game that Brandon Marshall is the only guy the Bears throw to, and they’re not incorrect. The way the Bears can get a jump on the Seahawks is to pound Matt Forte down their throats but if Seattle gets out to a quick lead and forces Chicago into passing situations, the advantage is all Seattle.

If the run game os off the table, the Bears have to throw against one of the best secondaries in the NFL next to theirs, and the Seahawks have the opportunity to rush Cutler. In case you haven’t been watching, the Bears boast a less than impressive offensive line which bodes well for the Seattle pass rush.

It’s not going to be an easy upset for the Seahawks, but it’s a lot more possible than a lot of people think. Overwhelming the Bears defense won’t work, but forcing the Bears less than stellar offense to make plays against a hard defense is a strategy that may end up working.

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