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Does Anybody Actually Want the Tennessee Vols Coaching Job?

The Tennessee Volunteers have been at the forefront of some pretty juicy coaching rumors, but like that super hot girl in high school they’ve all been nothing but teases. From Jon Gruden to Jimbo Fisher and everyone in between, it seems that no one actually wants to coach the Volunteers.

Two more possible candidates have taken their names out of the hat, as Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has stated he is not leaving his program to accept a job at Tennessee. Louisville head coach Charlie Strong also stated yesterday night that he won’t be heading to the SEC either and will instead stay put with the Cardinals.

Now that at least four candidates have flat out said no to them including one without an actual coaching job at the moment, an interesting question is raised: does anyone really want to coach Tennessee or do they just like being desired?

When the Vols fired Derek Dooley, they assumed that the Volunteer history and the promise of playing in the SEC would lure at least one viable candidate or big name to their school. The Vols are coming off some harsh sanctions brought on by the one year Lane Kiffin spent there, and they’re in desperate need of rebuilding after the destruction.

Plus they play in the most popular conference in college football, which affords them a chance to get back on top quicker than most schools may be able to. The only thing holding them back is a good coach, and apparently none of them are interested.

The Vols coaching search is going through stages: first stage is the stage where you think everybody wants you. You walk into the party, the music is pumping, people are feeling good and you think every sexy, scantly-clad women present wants to bed you. Then they all look at you and walk away like you’re the guys from A Night At the Roxbury and you slowly realize you’re not that great.

Panic mode hasn’t set in and you’re still not ready to settle for the last girl on the bar-line, but you begin to see that could very well be the outcome of of you’re night out. That’s exactly where Tennessee is right now, none of the top-tier women want them, and it’s starting to snowball from there.

That’s not a terrible thing however, but Tennessee has set the bar so incredibly high by flaunting out names like Gruden, Fisher, Gundy, and all the other names that this search is quickly looking like a disaster even though it’s not.

Sure, a big name has the chance to rebound the program quicker, but it’s high risk, high reward.

If the Vols were to settle for a lesser known name, things could still work out in their favor — it just might take a little longer. But by swinging and missing so fast and so hard, the Volunteers are making this a situation that whoever steps in, no matter how big or small the name is, it’s a high risk, medium reward type deal.

And nobody wants to get tangled in that mess.

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  • Michael Wellman

    Holy Grammar, Batman! You and your editor need to have a little heart to heart about subject/verb agreement and the difference between “you’re” and “your”.

  • Dave

    There’s always Bobby Petrino…

  • Carlton Bunch

    ~~~Butch Jones of Cincinnati are you joking he cant even spell TENNESSE give the the job back to a man who bleeds orange PHILLIP FULMER~~~

  • Megan Leigh Russell Dame

    Okay, I’m not really appreciating the metaphor basically branding UT as the village idiot. The moron who can’t write needs to go read this article in UT’s locker room in front of Peyton, Berry, Goff, Fulmer, and all the other Volunteers he just called crap. THEY are a part of this program and always will be. He’s totally disregarding that pedigree. Tennessee doesn’t need this crap from the media right now. I mean, you shouldn’t kick a team when they are down! As a life-long Vol, (no seriously, my parents had me in orange ASAP & first game at Neyland at age 4) this really sucks and is breaking my heart. I have always been pro Fulmer. I adore that man. When we let him go, I told people straight out that while his time may have been coming to pass (not over), that UT disrespected him and basically gave him a horrifically unjustified bitch slap. No coach is going to sign on to a program that throws away some of it’s greatest, homegrown treasures so easily and unceremoniously. I mean, seriously, look at Pat Summitt! SHE DID NOT RESIGN OUT OF HER OWN FREE WILL PEOPLE! I KNOW this to be fact! I will acknowledge that the fluster cuck WeaselBoy Kiffin left is a huge obstacle, though. We need to find an AD that’s worth a damn. I was overjoyed when we banished Hamilton but Hart is proving to be just as stupid.

  • Carlton Bunch

    ~~Butch Jones are you joking he cant even spell TENNESSEE what are you thinking why not hire back FULMER at least he bleeds orange and he is all about UT~~~

  • Justin W

    It figures! TN needs a new AD then maybe, just maybe things will start to look up. Sadly, it’s going to be while before the Vols are back in the top tier or the SEC. We are talking about the super stacked, always reliable SEC, not the ACC, BIG12, or PAC10!! Only a big name with recruiting experience can start to form a pool of talent for the years to come.
    Plus my 8 yr old daughter could have wrote a better and more grammatically correct article than the one I just read. Just my 2 cents worth.