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Rumor: Micheal Vick Could Be Headed to Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills haven’t been shy about needing a quarterback and the Eagles haven’t been shy in saying Michael Vick isn’t there’s. After helping him resurrect his career and giving him $100 million, the Eagles are not going to be brining Vick back for another season in Philly, which means for the second time in his NFL career, Michael Vick will be a free agent.

The next question is where will he land, because a guy like Vick will land somewhere.

One choice is the Minnesota Vikings, who are plagued with the much hated situation of having a highly drafted quarterback everyone in the fan base loathes the existence of. Another spot could be the New York Jets, who want a better quarterback and don’t want Tim Tebow.

But it seems that Vick will be headed out East, but just no to East Rutherford, rather true New York and the city of Buffalo.

Great NFL mind Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports mused that Vick could be headed to the Bills, who are in need of quarterback help, based on some comments he made last year to GQ magazine. At the time Vick was hot off his comeback season and the question was asked: where would Vick have gone besides Philly?

“I think I can say this now, because it’s not going to hurt anybody’s feelings, and it’s the truth. . . .  I didn’t want to come to Philadelphia,” Vick said in the interview from 2011.  “Being the third-team quarterback is nothing to smile about.  Cincinnati and Buffalo were better options.”

Cole connected the dots to say if there was interest once, there will be interest again — and he might not be too far off.

The Bills gave Ryan Fitzpatrick a huge deal last year and he’s been far less than spectacular since then. Owner Ralph Wilson has stated he’s not afraid of punching the reset button on the franchise, but that’s cryptic when it comes to Vick’s involvement. On the one hand, it could mean starting over from the bottom up, or a reset could mean just getting rid of Fitzpatrick and resetting at quarterback.

But even that is murky.

A reset at quarterback usually means going to the draft, picking a guy you’ve fallen in love with and bringing him up through your system. But the Bills have tools to win now if they hone their skills, and adding a veteran quarterback and resetting that way makes sense as an interpretation as well. Vick has a lot going for him in that sense, as Buffalo currently has David Lee at quarterbacks coach and he’s really hot for the Wildcat.

And Vick can still run.

Wilson also loved Vick once, and with an aging team he could decide what the hell and give Vick a crack at quarterback to see what happens. Remember, Vick was motivated the first time around (well, technically second) by the fact everyone and their mom’s kitten had written him off. The same thing has happened again which means Vick has a seemingly endless supply of potential upside.

We’re still a ways away from Vick hitting the market, and he’ll draw a lot more interest than he did in 2009, but it’s still hard to say exactly where he’ll land let alone if he’ll be any good there.

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