Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Covers Up Hall of Fame Patch with "Vote for Ray Guy" Post-It

There’s outspoken, there’s cool in a lame way and then there’s Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. For a punter, Kluwe is doing his best most interesting man in the world impression as he never fails to entertain or piss off the people around him. From his crusade for gay rights during the elections, to telling political members in Baltimore they can’t catch gay (and I’m paraphrasing to save my job on that one), Kluwe isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in or use his platform as a punter (*pause for laughter*) to tell you how he feels.

On Sunday, Kluwe was all about protesting the NFL Hall of Fame because they discriminate against his kind: kickers.

Earlier last month the debate came up as to whether or not punters and kickers deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Patriots coach Bill Belichick said he thinks they should be, and Kluwe obviously agrees with him. The debate was sparked by the absence of Ray Guy on this year’s Hall of Fame semifinalist list, as Guy is generally regarded as one of the greatest kickers to ever live.

Kluwe protested this discrimination by covering his Hall of Fame patch on his jersey with a post-it note that simply read: Vote Ray Guy.

Given the boom in the worth of the kicker over the last twenty years in the NFL, we’re bound to have one or two make it to Canton one day. A case can be made for Adam Vinatieri or someone like Morten Anderson, who actually made the cut on the list of semifinalists for this years Hall of Fame class.

At the very least, Kluwe is just exercising his right to free speech. The NFL will be exercising it’s right to fine Kluwe for the post-it note, but it just goes to show that just because all a guy does is kick the ball he’s not worthless or mindless when he’s not.

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