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Vince Young Tweets Larry Fitzgerald Asking for Cardinals QB Job

The fall of Vince Young was well documented, and it’s not gotten any prettier for the one time National Champions and first round NFL draft pick. After losing his job in Buffalo — his third in two years– Young has been unemployed for the entire NFL season for the first time in his career. Out of money, out of a job, Vince Young is trying to get back on his feet and it’s really sad to see just how desperate he is.

The Arizona Cardinals are the NFL team equivalent of Vince Young. It seems like decades have passed since they came within minutes of winning a Super Bowl but it’s only been roughly three years since then. In that time the Cardinals have been in a tailspin, one that hit a catalyst on Sunday when they were blanked 58-0 on the road in Seattle.

Heck, it feels like eons since the Cardinals were 4-0 and among the “best” teams in the NFL earlier this year.

But quarterback woes have harshed the Cardinals buzz tremendously and it’s a problem that’s not looking to get any better anytime soon. But that’s where Vince Young enters our story.

As the blowout in Seattle reached it’s conclusion, Young tweeted Larry Fitzgerald,  basically letting him know that while the Cardinals have three seemingly incapable quarterbacks, Young is sitting on his couch looking for work.

What makes this story even more depressing, is that Larry Fitzgerald is not one of Vince Young’s 152,000 followers. But don’t worry, Fitzgerald is getting his news and entertainment fix from the likes of Jay Pharaoh from SNL, the official Twitter page of former Vikings receiver Jake Reed and Demi Moore.

Not even a decade ago, Young was leading the Longhorns down the field in what many consider to be one of the greatest drives in college football history at the Rose Bowl. Now, he’s reduced to sheepishly approaching elite players on Twitter like a homeless man on the streets, shyly asking for a dollar to buy a burger at McDonalds.

But perhaps the saddest part of the story, is that the reject ex-first round draft pick sitting on his couch eating potato chips and tweeting athletes for a job is probably better than all the quarterbacks on the Cardinals roster combined.

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  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    I am not Vince Young’s agent and I’m not related to him….—————– I am simply trying to show that Vince Young is a viable option at quarterback to any team need one…… Bring him in NOW, sign him to a 1 year low cost contract and evaluate him… Next year at the very least, you will have a GOOD backup quarterback…—————————————————————-
    Say what you want about Vince Young, (he can’t do this – He can’t do that), He can read defenses, 31 wins say so…. Facts do not lie… His NFL won/loss record right now is 31-19… He has taken his team to the playoffs… He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler… He’s the 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year and in 2010 Vince had a quarterback rating of 98.6… It’s the undeniable TRUTH……………………..
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. ANY quarterback in the NFL with a 31-19 record would easily be given, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5… but as many chances as he wanted to play in the N.F.L…… Come on man!!!!! Vince has earned the right to at least be considered by teams needing a quarterback…
    Larry if you are a friend of Vince Young’s, go to the coach and put in a good word…