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Alabama DE Quinton Dial Won't Be Suspended For BCS Title Game After Hit on Aaron Murray

When it happened, we all expected a flag. When it wasn’t flagged we all awaited the news of a suspension but Alabama defensive end Quinton Dial is one of the luckiest players in college football at the moment, as the bureaucracy of the National Title game has dictated that Dial will not be suspended for his helmet-to-hemet hit on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the SEC Championship game two weeks ago.

The most interesting part of this story is that before Quinton Dial, who plays for the Crimson Tide in case you didn’t already make that correlation, the NCAA was cracking down hard on helmet-to-helmet hits by issuing next game suspensions for guilty players.

Dial’s hit was vicious, it was without a doubt helmet-to-helmet, but there will be no suspension coming from it.

In a statement on their investigation, the SEC ruled the following:

“The Southeastern Conference has completed its review of video from the 2012 SEC Football Championship Game. Several plays involving both teams were reviewed. After review, all subsequent action will be handled internally by the two institutions and the conference office is satisfied with their actions.”

So basically, at a moment when a conference should step in and govern, they’re letting the inmates run the asylum — because there’s a lot of money riding on a possible suspension of Dial in the National Championship game.

Not only did SEC Coordinator of Officals Steve Shaw say Dial should have been penalized, he turned right around on himself and said Dial’s hit on Murray wasn’t as severe as other helmet-to-helmet hits that resulted in suspension this year.

To be specific, he said the “nature of the play was different”, apparently meaning Murray needed to be a step short of being decapitated to have drawn a penalty and for Dial to have been suspended.

Dial may miss a half, or a series but Alabama is not going to suspend their defensive end for the biggest game of their season. Despite the NCAA lowering the hammer on other institutions for violations outside of football, when it comes to violations on the field the NCAA apparently goes brain dead.

To be fair to Nick Saban and Alabama, the SEC brutally botched another ruling earlier this year when redshirt freshman LaMicheal Fanning body-slammed a Missouri running back. The conference didn’t suspend Fanning but Saban and the University told Fanning not to travel with the team to their next game against the Volunteers.

But it’s highly questionable that the SEC is conveniently fumbling the ball on a call that could play into the conference winning it’s seventh consecutive national championship. At the same time, we all have to ask ourselves, when wasn’t college football rotten and corrupt?

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  • Clyde Murphy

    Murray was a DEFENDER at the point the hit happened. Grow up, it’s a contact sport.

    • Heather Charles-Davies

      So because he’s a defender helmet-to-helmet hits are okay? Go have another beer and learn the game idiot.

      • Danny Bowen

        Oh, so RB’s can’t get hit in the helmet now? Interesting.. Go learn the game yourself.

      • Danny Bowen

        Helmet to helmet rules are on “Defenseless” players.. no one else its not illegal to hit in the head on anyone that’s not defenseless.. learn the rules..

      • Bob Boisclair

        Murray himself said he had the wind knocked out of him. If Dial had led with his head that would not be the case. Look closely at the shot, yes there was helmet to helmet contact but it was clearly initiated with his shoulder. Thus not a penalty. Learn the rules, before you speak.

    • Steve Arnold

      you are an idiot. What the hell was he defending? Shave your beard, this isn’t 1972.

      • Danny Bowen

        you don’t watch football do you?

        • Clyde Murphy

          Apparently not.

    • Derricj White

      @heather once murray threw the interception he has become a
      defenders and he is fair game. Plus he
      saw him coming so he was not defenseless.
      Youtube the hit that ray lewis put on a defender who did not see him
      coming after they missed a field goal and tell me which one is more
      vicious. its football it part of the game, they know the danger when they strap up. murray took the hit like man came back and almost one the game.

  • Kim Ingram

    Murray was in the position of a defensive player when this incident occurred. The original contact was not made with the helmet. Dial went into Murray’s chest with his shoulder and THEN helmets hit. It was a hard hit, but not an illegal one. After the game Murray even said that he was shaken up because he was knocked out of breath when he was hit in the chest.

    Also, if we’re talking about uncalled penalties why don’t we mention when the Georgia player poked Milliner, I believe it was, in the eye after a play. Who got the penalty on that? Milliner got the penalty for pushing him away. Just sayin’!

    • Steve Arnold

      I grew up in AL, what the hell are they feeding you tards now? What was he defending? He was jogging off the damn field. Your guy got a CHEAP punk ass shot in.

      • MSUgrad76

        Jogging off the field to the wrong sideline? Oh wait, that had to be a coincidence because the play was happening on the same side.

      • ronbad1

        If you are a QB who has just thrown an INT then if you don’t want to suffer contact lay down on the field and wait for a whistle. Otherwise if your jogging toward the person returning your INT then expect the same kind of block a RB or linemen might get. No exception for you just because your fans think you should be off limits no matter what. Murry took his medicine like a man. All of these “experts” should quit trying to stuff him back in his mom’s vagina.

    • Jessika Roberts

      Okay Kim, if you think that was a shot to the chest you’re blind. Pause at 0:07, he is nowhere NEAR his chest. The crown of his helmet is clearly being driving into Murray’s facemask.

      Most of you are idiots, it doesn’t have to be crown on crown contact to qualify as helmet-to-helmet. The facemas is part of the helmet, the earhole is part of the helmet and both were square between Dial’s crown. Stupid ‘Bama yard apologists need to back and cuddle their cousins and learn the game.

      • Bob Boisclair

        Sorry but you need to learn the rules, there was helmet to helmet contact initiated by Dial leading with his Forearm, LEGAL Look at the tape and review Murray’s own statement that he had the wind knocked out of him. Insults don’t help here.

  • Kiley Sekulich

    Was there helmet to helmet contact? Yes, there is no doubt about that. Was the hit any more vicious or brutal than any other block on a defender? No, not at all. The question is not should he be punished for a vicious hit, but rather should he be punished for the QB not knowing that the special treatment that quarterbacks receive does not carry over to the defensive side of the ball. I was shocked that it did not draw a flag, but that does not mean that the hit should have drawn a flag. The block occurred within a handful of yards of the return and Murray was moving toward the play. In my opinion, it was a good no-call by the referees.