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Report: Tim Tebow to Ask For Trade or Release from Jets

Newsflash: the New York Jets have no idea what to do with Tim Tebow. Here’s another newsflash: Tebow isn’t the happiest of campers in the Big Apple. It’s because of this that Tebow has privately let it be known that should Greg McElroy start the last two games of the season for the Jets, he’ll be politely asking for either a trade or a release.

It’s the absolute least surprising news in the history of news.

The more interesting thing is that the NFL is wearing down Tim Tebow. Back in Denver he was the shy kid who wouldn’t speak ill of anybody and was pretty much willing to give the starting job back to Kyle Otron; he even seemed to feel bad that he stole the job from him. But in New York, the abuse of Tebow’s value (love him or hate him it exists) has forced Tebow into a corner where he has to — well be a normal person.

Tim Tebow is complaining. That’s actually a borderline newsflash for the soft spoken hero to many people in this country.

The Jets are themselves in a bit of a bind. They obviously are going to rid themselves of Tebow in the offseason, but in a perfect scenario they trade him to the Jacksonville Jaguars and get somehting in return. But in order to secure high value, the Jets would need to start Tebow the last two games of the season to showcase him.

If the Jets win those two games with Tebow under center, Tebowmaniacs around the world — specifically in New York– will go bananas and tie themselves to Tebow as though he’s a tree about to be cut down in Central Park.

The Jaguars wanted Tebow this offseason, well specifically Shad Khan wanted Tebow, but the front office was not so high on bringing Tebow back to Gatorville. Tebow chose the Jets over going home to a place not far from where he made his name, because he believed Rex Ryan wanted him and intended to use him.

Well, use him on more than just the occasional punt.

The Tebow saga we endured last season of where will he go will see a much anticipated sequel this upcoming offseason. The plot thickens over the question of will Tebow be traded to cut by the Jets? Where he goes is heavily dictated by that one decision.

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