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Can Tim Tebow Actually Help The Jacksonville Jaguars?

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One of the biggest stories this upcoming offseason revolves around Tim Tebow and where he will play next year. But while news broke this weekend that it’s a “virtual certainty” that Tebow will be on the Jacksonville Jaguars 2013 roster, the question becomes can he actually help or is this ESPN and others with Tebow ragers blowing up a minor roster move?

The first thing we must acknowledge is, if we want to watch the NFL, we’re going to have to put up with Tim Tebow.

It’s beyond apparent at this point that we can’t avoid Tebow. Even when he’s sitting on the bench we have to hear about him so it’s just time to deal with him like he’s an annoying in-law at the family Christmas party.

The least Tebow can do is be good so he’s tolerable.

But the burning question is will he be able to lift the Jaguars or will his presence sink them? There is no doubt that Tebow-maniacs will come out on droves to see the man play, but will that equal more marks in the win column?

To put it bluntly, Tebow doesn’t make the Jaguars any better — at least not initially. Blaine Gabbert was twice the prospect Tebow was in terms of their development on draft day and he’s already getting run out of town. Tebow brings aspects that could make the Jaguars better, but he’s not going to save the franchise on his own.

That being said, giving him a shot to start not far from the place he made his name won’t hurt it either. At the very least, bringing him in would be a bank heist of a move — meaning the Jaguars will have wheelbarrows full of cash rolling in from people coming to see Tebow return to heart of Tebow Town.

With Tebow, the Jaguars strategy could be as follows: fill the stadium, boost revenue and get some cash to sign top talent. Tebow hasn’t earned the respect of the league yet, even if some media outlets are at his beck and call. So to lure in top talent, money is going to have to be involved.

Jacksonville will also need to get one hell of a quarterback coach in town to right Tebow’s ship. There is no question he possesses some amazing qualities, but he’s still raw as a talent. If Jacksonville is going to gamble on him, they need to go all-in and not just trot him out for a try out.

In terms of targets, the Jaguars have Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts. Beyond them, assuming Maurice Jones-Drew is traded in the offseason, there’s no power on this offense for the Jaguars. One of the reasons Tebow worked in Denver was the Broncos had a stout defense and a killer running attack. If the Jaguars can mold themselves around that team Tebow took the playoffs, and then build on it, we might have something resembling a real football team.

There is no doubt that Tebow can pull a team together and help them grow as a unit. The man has post-career motivational speaker written all over him, so another thing that needs to happen is the team needs to be constructed around the idea of Tim Tebow has a leader and filled with guys that subscribe to that idea.

The bottom line is, if you want Tebow don’t expect immediate results and expect a lot of hard work and waiting. On the surface it really doesn’t look like Tebow can help the Jaguars but as Tebow-maniacs and George Michael both say, you gotta have faith.

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  • Tony Fagerness

    Sounds like this author has a tingle up his leg. Too much like MSNBC!

    • Jackson

      Hey mr. intelligent leave the underlying political hints offf football posts grow up as well nobody cares ur a republican. Thanks

  • gjraf

    As always, your memory is short and your wit even shorter.

    Tebow is and always has been a winner. Jacksonville will be a much better team with him!!

  • Tony Porter

    If ESPN had to make you watch what he did in Denver than you don’t know anything about sports.

  • prayingforamerica

    Worst article ever. I won’t click on your site again.

  • J Sones

    I am not a Tim Tebow fan per se but he will help the Jaguars. He could have helped the Jets too if they would have managed him better. Whether it’s on the field or in the office box, I say get him. The Jags should take advantage of his supposed low market value and pick up a steal. Okay, a lot of people say he can’t pass, give him the ball, use his strengths, whether it is as a qb or another position. Go Cowboys!

  • Jeff Gonzo

    Tebow needs to start off a season. He is a winner and needs to be given a chance. Football isn’t what it used to be and he will have a good balance. Go Tebow!

  • Michael Nelson

    Wow going are completely unbiased aren’t you? Not! Like he was given half a chance with either team,Mr. Arrogant Elway never wanted him before he got there and was openly criticizing him before he ever took as snap. Then the jets only half play him come on man if your gonna write an article at least be fair or just come out and say you hate the guy and that’s the way you feel,stop acting like your trying to be fair or report facts!

  • Sean Valfrid Palmer

    So Tebow will be riding the bench in warmer climates. The fact he’s even getting paid at this point astounds me. People need to start realizing that just because you were good in college, doesn’t mean you’ll be good in the pros, and all of those people who say “he hasn’t been given a chance” need to stop their whining. He’s been given more than a few chances to prove himself and he’s come up far short of the mark. He can run, I’ll give you that, but he has an inaccurate throw and poor awareness. Great move for the Jags financially, but if they ever want to make the playoffs they need to be ready to cash out on Tebow and invest in some real talent.

  • DwayneMegan Griffith

    He was never a great QB, he will never be a great QB, and it is the medias fault for keeping his name out there. Send him to Greenbay, play him as a fullback, keep him for a few seasons, then pass him on. Nothing has ever been great about “Tebow” and never will. ESPN cant cheat and cheer for him in the NFL LIKE THEY DID FOR HIM WHEN HE WAS AT FLORIDA.

  • Thommy Berlin

    Why would you assume that Maurice will be traded? The ONLY way bringing that poor excuse for a qb here would be running some permutation of the wild cat… and with out a running back…