November 17, 2012; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers head coach Les Miles and his team celebrate following a win over the Ole Miss Rebels in a game at Tiger Stadium. LSU defeated Ole Miss 41-35. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Is It Time For The LSU Tigers To Leave The SEC?

The LSU Tigers have been a charter member of the Southeastern Conference since 1933, but all good things must come to an end and there is always room for change. LSU often feels that the SEC office ignores their needs and concerns, so could it be time to finally leave the conference which they have been a part of for so long?

Scott Rabalais of The Advocate believes just that. He writes that now is the time for LSU to consider leaving the SEC and perhaps joining forces with the Big XII.

Why would LSU want to leave the SEC? Here are the five points that Rabalais makes for the change in conference and some highlights from his explanations: (You can read the entire article on The Advocate HERE)

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1. Unfair football scheduling

The main problem, from LSU’s perspective, is a schedule that puts the Tigers at a competitive disadvantage to its chief rival for SEC West supremacy (with apologies to Texas A&M and Johnny Heisman), Alabama. Not only does LSU have to play at Alabama in 2013 as it usually does in odd-numbered years, but the Tigers also have to play at Georgia and host Florida, teams that tied for first in the SEC East this past season with 7-1 marks.

Alabama’s two opponents out of the East? Tennessee in Tuscaloosa and Kentucky on the road, teams that went a combined 1-15 in conference play and are breaking in new coaches.

2. Permanent opponents

LSU is saddled with Florida as its permanent opponent, while Alabama has Tennessee. Florida has finished with a better record than Tennessee in six of the past seven seasons, with the Vols having failed to post even an above-.500 SEC record since winning the SEC East in 2007.

3. Escaping the Alabama shadow

The football scheduling plan comes out of an SEC office in Birmingham, Ala., that fairly or not has long been seen as being too close to the Alabama campus — geographically and philosophically — for the rest of the conference’s good. Certainly it is not a one-sport league, but football drives the SEC’s economic train and is the face of the conference nation-wide.


Conference realignment is trendier these days than even Johnny Heisman. The past couple of years have seen schools leave traditional conference homes for new affiliations that once would have seemed impossible: Nebraska to the Big Ten, West Virginia to the Big 12, Utah to the Pac-12 — and don’t forget Missouri to the SEC.

Eventually, college athletics is likely to be dominated by four 16-team super-conferences. The blocks of those super-conferences are now shifting. It makes sense to go now before the blocks are set in place.

5. Geography is overrated

Traditional geographic lines have not only been blurred in big-time college athletics, they have been obliterated. It is no longer an unwritten requirement that conference members be from states that border each other — although Louisiana does border Texas.

Before Arkansas and A&M joined the SEC, LSU was forever the SEC’s westernmost outpost. What would be so odd about being the Big 12’s southernmost? Not at all as unfathomable as it once seemed.

Would LSU actually leave the SEC? It seems very unlikely, but the frustration that appears to be building could lead to a move that no one ever saw coming. If LSU were to leave their beloved conference, there would be insane amounts of public cries and criticism being directed at the Tigers for their decision.

What do you think? Is it time for LSU to consider changing conferences? As always, sound off in the comments section and let your voice be heard.

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  • Dan Ryan

    LSU will NEVER leave the SEC

  • vinc
  • vinc

    Ran out of things to write about I’m guessing..

  • Jake Beaty

    You sir, are a moron. Your reason about scheduling, should qualify you for a lobotomy. Tn, sucks right now, sure. However, if you look at their history, they have had way more success, as a program, than UF. If you can’t realize that UT is historically a better program than UF, you don’t know a damn thing about football or the SEC.

    • Megan Leigh Russell Dame

      It’s nice to see someone say something semi-nice about UT. NOT TO MENTION FROM A BAMA FAN! I agree with you Jake, I have no problems with LSU but it seems like this article is a bit of whiney belly aching. The SEC is the best. Alabama is without question the best college team. They could beat some NFL teams, in my opinion. It’s going to be tough. You are in the SEC. Expect it. LSU could be facing worse times (like going in to your fifth season as a low expectation question mark, like my beloved Volunteers). Buck up and keep fighting. It is difficult schedules that build better teams. Playing below your level just to have a better looking record is called “sandbagging”. Don’t do it!

      • Taylor Shellito

        lets get one thing straight… Alabama against the worst NFL team would be a complete and utter blowout!!! And I dont mean Alabama winning either. Im tired of seeing people try to suggest they are that good cause they are not. The best team in college would not even come close to competing with the worst team in the NFL. You make yourself sound ignorant and dumb for even trying to suggest it.

        • Justin Miller

          Dumbass alabama has the size and talent of alot of teams in the NFL and can compete and win against some teams.

      • Michael Linehan

        You’re an idiot if you think Alabama would even get within double digits of the worst NFL team.

        The NFL gets about the Top 2% of College Football players every year to come in, and every one of those NFL players can say that they’re good enough to be the Top 2%, but not all Alabama players can, so there is already a talent difference.

        Then there is experience and coaching difference, an NFL defense would kill Alabama’s running game, that’s the reason why passing wins in the NFL, because the defenses are too quick, and very good at reading the offense and knowing their place. It is their JOB to do this. This would force Bama to go on to passing, where Bama always struggles with, and their O-Line would get blasted out of the water by the NFL D-Lines, and even then, the receivers would be swamped if McCarron somehow managed to get a pass off.

        And on defense, NFL O-Lines are exceptionally good at pass blocking, don’t expect to get anywhere near the QB, let alone even pressure him. And then, as everyone knows, Bama’s weakness is in the secondary, if you can force the ball into the Tide’s secondary, the rest is just a formality, Bama loses every time. So, the NFL being a passing league has a huge advantage here, and would easily dominate the Bama defense.

        Then, not to mention, the NFL also has the best punters and kickers, to keep the points ticking over or to corner Bama deep in their own zone.

        I love College Football, far more than the NFL, but to tell me that Bama would beat an NFL team is just wrong, it would never happen. Bama would be lucky to beat a Point Spread of +20.

      • wade

        didn’t the best team loose to a&m? I’m not a ND fan, but isn’t ND ranked no1 not Bama. Therefore Bama is not yet the best

        • Bob Papadazzio

          Alabama are still the defending BCS Champions until that game is over. That loss to A&M means little considering Notre Dame could’ve likely lost to them as well.
          The only fair comparison would be a common opponent, of which Michigan is the only one. Alabama beat them 42-14 at a neutral site. Notre Dame squeaked them 13-6 at home.

          Also, despite that #1 ranking, Alabama is a 7-10 point favorite to win.

        • Brad Imsand

          They still beet the Irish who was the #1 team. If you bet the #1 team you are #1.

    • Kathy Harper

      Tn is down, but not out…not by far! The VOLS will be back, for sure, and their history should stand out, but articles like this don’t help out Tn at all. Thanks Jake for pointing this out. As a die hard college football fan, namely S.E.C. fan, who happens to live in Alabama for the last several years but has 100% ORANGE blood, it’s nice to see a “rival” stand up for “us”. Agree with you, Jake, and thanks! For now and always….GO VOLS!

    • GoJoeBruinUCLA

      Dude quoted an article. I mean, I know they don’t teach anything about quotes at the University of Alabama, but c’mon, pick up as you go, eh?

    • Joe_HTH

      Dude, next year will mark the third straight year Alabama will have played a shit schedule, while being protected by the SEC.

    • Justin Miller

      well your a moron for thinking that their past history has any reasoning on their scheduling this year. they can be as good as they want 10 years ago but what have they done for the last 3 or 4 year? NOTHING…. alabama has a cupcake road to the SEC championship only having to beat LSU and A&M. the only 2 teams that can beat them. your an idiot go shoot yourself

  • Dusty Wade

    This is the dumbest piece of shit I’ve ever read in my life. The only frustration that is building is when tabloid journalists like this fuck head MAKE THINGS UP. Stop fabricating LIES. Go back to the National Enquirer you idiot. You know what the difference in the internet and traditional print media is? Any jack ass telling lies can get their made up pile of bullshit displayed on the internet. When it costs money to print a news paper or a magazine, you can’t just make up a stinking steaming pile of lies. There needs to be a tiny amount of reality attached to everything you print. Not anymore. Now any idiot with a tinfoil hat and a bunch of loosely strung together conspiracy theories can vomit his half baked nonsense directly in people’s faces.

    To the writer of this, I hope you get ass cancer and have to shit in a bag for the rest of your life. You’re awful.

    • Reece

      You mad bro?

    • greg

      You sir are an idiot. You spew such awful filth just because someone voices their opinion, you should be banned from any further discussions.

  • Paw Paw

    It would idiotic for LSU to make such a lame ass move. The SEC is a big boy league.

  • Guest

    Cry much? The schedules are made years in advance and the power of the conference shifts from time to time. But your big boy pants on and win games and stop looking for exscuses!

  • RonnMax

    LOL, if I were LSU (or Alumni), I would slap this writer.
    Sure, why don’t they join Conference USA so they can be champs every year.
    Nice solution to competition… just quit.
    Hence the “everyone gets a trophy for just playing” generation comes in to play.
    I have more respect for them.

  • david

    This guy is just pissy that UA is winning. As far as the Tennessee thing goes, it’s a rivalry. Apologies that your greatest rival is Tulane…

  • Seamaster

    Can’t compete? GTFO…dont let the door hit cha where the good Lord split cha.

  • Tim Irvine

    this writer is an idiot. SEC…then everybody else. Geaux Tigers!!!

  • Lee Jones

    You are an idiot….. Go cry to some one who gives a crap…. LSU is a power house in the SEC. They have been playing these same teams for longer then you have been alive. I think they can handle their on actions with out your input….And this is coming from a Bama fan…. This is why we are at the top of the food chain and all other conferences are trying to be like us…… LSU would be stupid for even thinking about leaving……. Why don’t you stop with this story and go back to coloring. If you can stay in the lines…..

  • Paul Phyfer

    “It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond….” I think someone sure needs to do something about the SEC’s favoring of Alabama. From the refs to the violations, Alabama plays by a different rule book.

  • Brandon McNeely

    Sounds whiny. Did Alabama talk about leaving the SEC when they were getting the rough end of the treatment on scheduling? No. Now man up LSU, and quit crying.

  • Cody

    Jesus people calm down, it’s just an article lol.

  • Amy Vandiver Holt

    oh poor babies, also, do you honestly think if the scheduling was in LA or FL that the scheduling would be any better?? Yeah, I wish LSU was out of our division also, maybe they could put them in the other division. Roll tide.

  • Xavier Eldridge

    This is retarded. There is no talks at, in or around LSU about being upset with ANY of those things. If anything, LSU enjoys being in the SEC, and love the Alabama rivalry. I doubt they through that away just because this writer thinks Alabama is getting an easier schedule than LSU.

  • BBH

    Power of the Pen. Sanchez & Rabalais are idiots. 100% of LSU fans would not even entertain the idea of leaving the SEC. For better or for worse, we are cemented into this conference. Geaux Tigahs!

    • Tim Morrow

      BBH Glad to hear that as I consider ya’ll as being amongst our (Bama) best rivalry games…better than Auburn and much better than UT right now (but both programs will be back, that’s just the way it is in the “Big Boy” league). It just wouldn’t be the same without ya’ll…

      • Christian Gannon

        Good point. Alabama suffers too if LSU leaves…

  • Jon Phillip Martin

    Lol. What a joke. USC had LSU away and UF away, in back to back weeks. The toughest schedule in the Nation, don’t hear us complaining about it, whining to leave the SEC. To be the best, you have to play the best. The competitivness of the SEC is what keeps us at the top. In all seriousness, Bama, LSU, UF, USC and UGA are all teams who could go into the Nat’l Title Game w/ ND and win. Why? Because we play the best week in and week out.

    Stop whining like the ACC, Big East, Big 12 etc and let the boys play football.

    • Taylor Shellito

      well said

  • Sheila Ray

    you are a moron….you’re whinning alone should be a violation of sec rules…..if vanderbilt can stay then lsu damn sure should……and DONT EVER COUNT MY VOLS OUT….we WILL KICK UR ASSES AGAIN.

  • Charlie Browning

    You join the SEC, you don’t leave it. Absolutely ridiculous article. Go Big Blue

  • Shawn Akers

    I agree with with Vinc. Just running out of things to write about it. LSU leave the SEC? LSU fans would have a cow. So ridiculous.

  • Taylor Shellito

    Josh Sanchez, you should not be allowed to write about college football. This is probably one of the dumbest and inaccurate articles I have read in a long time… and Im an avid sports fan. You are probably the only human being on the face of this earth that has this opinion and you are undoubtedly being laughed at for this by the entire SEC fan base. Do yourself a favor and find another line of work, cause college football is not your calling.

    • justin t

      Must be Mark’s brother. Failing runs in the family.

  • Billy Barnett

    While I find it laughable that LSU would even think of leaving the SEC, the fact that bama does get treat differently in several.way SHOULD concern every other school in the conference. Most are happy to tag along and collect a check even if it means watching bama get favors from the SEC office, game officials and even the NCAA president. No excuse for some of the stuff that has came out the last two years being swept under the rug except saban and emmert being close friends. Let suitgate happen at LSU, Auburn, UF or any other SEC school and see what happens.

    • Jake Beaty

      Please describe, IN DETAIL, how Alabama is treated differently? I remember 2010 when 6 SEC teams had by-weeks prior to playing Bama and 2010 was laready a land mine schedule for Bama.

    • Jake Beaty

      BY the way, Beaudreaux’s Buttpaste does wonders for the butthurt you seem to be suffering from.

  • Gregory Johnson

    I get the negative comments about this article. But its not just a one year thing. Year after year, LSU gets schedule screwed. But oh well. Saban IS leaving Alabama in about 5 weeks and Tenn. is on the rise. So, it will all flip flop eventually.

  • Roger Stewart

    LSU is as SEC as BAMA – This is hog wash (No offense intended to Arkansas fans)

    • justin t

      None taken lol

  • Robert Pettis

    lol. This is a ridiculous post, haha.

  • Jane Barrett Ray

    Why in the world would LSU want to leave the SEC? I am a Bama fan but LSU always has a good record at the end of the season and Les Miles is a great coach.
    Bama is on a roll right now but it won’t last forever. Plus there is nothing like being in Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night. I am for ALL SEC schools when they don’t play Bama. Roll Tide and Geaux Tigers!

    • Timothy Kevin Crouch

      Go LSU. Bama and Lsu are the greatest in the ncaa history because LSU is 7-1 in national champship Bama is 12-4 in the national champship. i’m a LSU fan Only. But the only national champship lose is to bama. most of Lsu national titles are out of sec and one isn’t from the sec.

  • Rob Cochran

    How in the WORLD is the scheduling unfair? With the exception of the “fixed” opponents (Tennessee and Florida), ALL of the west teams play the same East teams, albeit on a rotating basis. And the schedule doesn’t “come out of the SEC office here in Birmingham”, it’s based on a FIXED ALGORITHM. You make it sound like there’s a bunch of good ol’ boy Bama fams sitting in a room figuring out how they can screw LSU.
    By the way, Birmingham is full of rabid AU fans that would just as soon screw Alabama as they would LSU, so get over it.

  • GeorgiaNews

    LSU won’t leave the SEC.

    The writer has to get paid this week with a few ‘stories’.

  • Bill Henschel

    LSU to the ACC makes sense. (To a dope in a Polish prison who hasn’t been outside in 20 years).

  • Popcorn Sutton

    Tennessee has 6 National championships since the Ap era of 1936, Florida has 3. Just because Tennessee has been down for a few years, their still the better team overall in their carrier. This guy is an assjack. Not to mention LSU always gets a bi week before the BAMA game. Crybaby bitches.


    Alabama has never cried when the shoe was on the other foot. Alabama as well as all the other SEC teams just stepped up and played win, lose, or draw. Why does LSU feel the need to cry? Oh yea, THEY WILL NEVER OVERTAKE OR GET OUT OF THE SHADOW OF ALABAMA SO THEY WANT TO RUN AWAY!

  • Paul

    This has to be the absolute worst article I have ever read in my entire life. To even bring up the idea that LSU would consider leaving the SEC is like saying Notre Dame is thinking about joining the WAC. As my friend, Jake Beaty stated below, You sir, are a moron.

  • Guest

    LSU leaving the SEC would be
    admitting it can’t compete in the elite conference. A couple years back, ALL of
    Alabama’s SEC opponents had a bye the week before they played Alabama. I don’t
    remember LSU complaining about this. If the author is truly representative of
    LSU then I say goodbye and good riddance. No whiners please……..

  • lindsey price

    I thought LSU’s mascot was a tiger, not a pussy cat. This writer must not be from the south and understand what the SEC means. We might fight amongst each other and it’s a good rivalry, but the south will always stand together. The SEC is a powerhouse. True SEC, southern fans will always root for a SEC team over any other conference. Don’t down play UT too quickly. Lets see where they are in a few years. It’s college football, not pee wee football. Take your wins and losses. I bleed orange and always will no matter what their record is. That’s what a true fan does. Stick by your team no matter what. Don’t jump on the band wagon just because they’re winning.

  • Jimmy Overton

    if you cannot beat a second rate ACC team, what are you bitchin about??????

  • Jimmy Overton

    poor LSU; they have to play Florida every year. If you want to win every game without trying go to the Big East and never play for a NC ever again. WIN YOUR GAMES AND THE REST TAKES CARE OF ITSELF!!!!!! If you go undefeated you win, period.

  • Joe_HTH

    Well, he is right about one thing. Alabama runs the SEC office and they get what they want, at least as far as scheduling goes. Alabama has played a shit schedule for two years now, and it looks like they’re about to get a shit schedule for the third year.

    Dial doesn’t get suspended for his intentional and dangerous head shot on Aaron Murray, but two players from other teams get suspended for far less dangerous hits, is another example of the SEC office protecting them.

  • kyle

    LSU fan base would never let this happen. We would have to get rid of most of our LSU t shirts. Plus we are very loyal to the SEC. we are rooting form Alabama vs ND. thus is not a opinion popular in baton rouge. The sec is the only conference that matters in college football. It would be suicide to leave not to mention it would be a wimpy thing to do. Sorry this will never happen and this dude isn’t even from Baton a rouge. Geaux tigers and wait until baseball season were gonna get some revenge!!

    wimpy thingt

  • Christian Gannon

    No. This is not the right time for LSU to move to another conference. My main reasons— we are as competitive as we have ever been, and recruiting players for a SEC team is a whole lot easier than recruiting in the Big12 or any other place the Tigers might consider.
    Let’s not run from the competition. That is not our tradition and not the legacy we want to leave. Run towards the competition, allow it to make you better, and for Pete’s sake, get back to beating Coach Satan as often as possible. If we want to honor our past, we don’t bolt the conference, we get our ‘Chinese Bandits’ defense gig going again, or something similar that passes PC muster.
    ps- couldn’t the problem with scheduling (UT vs UF) be settled with an impassioned plea to Silvey? I propose a simple fix— rotate these two teams so that LSU plays Tennessee one year and Florida the next. The Crimson Death Star plays the other team each year…could not be more equitable, yes?

  • chipgriffiths

    Please sir if you want A Cupcake Conference (ACC) go join them. If you want another Bill Snyder, play nobody and get blown out in a bowl game, Kansas State type team, go for it. How about recruiting an offense, especially a QB, that can compete with Alabama. Hey, I’m a Gamecock fan and feel your pain. But man up and beat the Tide. It is hard to beat a professional team on the collegiate level. Go Gamecocks.

  • disqus_SidkD8Ci5u

    Yes, LSU should leave the SEC and join the PRISON league conference which is where the LSU players end up anyway. Mean Machine! Mean Machine! Mean Machine!

  • Kevin Sorensen

    Another sign of the death of tradition which seems to be happening in all facets of American life. The thirst for money or political power has too many people giving up traditional parts of life.