Tim Tebow: 7 Places He Could Play Next Season

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Philadelphia Eagles

When Michael Vick was re-instated into the NFL, no one wanted to touch him with a 30-foot pole. The Eagles eventually gave him a chance and not too long after were inking a $100 million contract with him.

The good news in Philly when it comes to Tebow is that they’ve clearly demonstrated that they’ll give anyone a chance. The bad news is it back fired on them and cost them more than a few pretty pennies.

Not to mention, Nick Foles is the starter of the future for the Eagles and Tebow would be coming into a backup role. In fact, the role he has in New York at the moment would be almost identical to the one he’d have in Philadelphia but there’s a catch. Behind Foles there is absolutely no one and already Foles is missing a game in his rookie season.

So the prospect of getting the starting job does exists, albeit in an extremely minor way.

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are always looking for a quarterback, even if they have three former stars on their roster at the moment. Carson Palmer used to be good, he’s not anymore. Terrelle Pryor used to be alright but he’s just passable now and Matt Leinart used to be alright and now he’s garbage. All three guys were once titans, or something close to it, but they’re all either way past their prime or too ripe to be good.

But isn’t that Tim Tebow’s exact problem. Some say he hit his prime at Florida and is thus past it. Tebow defenders say he’s too ripe to be judged at the moment and can’t be faulted for his pitfalls right now.

Oakland is a team that loves to have names just to have them — proof positive being the list of has-been quarterbacks just rattled off. Tebow going to the Black Hole has bad idea written all over it, but those are the kinds of moves the Raiders make. And with the dumb-luck they have, Tebow is bound to become a Hall of Famer in the Silver and Black.

Alright, maybe not but if one thing’s been proven in the NFL: if no one wants you, Oakland will take you.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are in a why the hell not kind of situation and that’s not a happy path to be on. Being a Cardinals executive right now leads to hate, hate leads to desperation and desperation leads to suffering –aka Tim Tebow.

While the Cardinals could view Tebow as a potential Yoda on their team, they’d be stupid to take a chance on him now. If the Cardinals aren’t as bad off as they look, a guy like Alex Smith fits much better at a time like this. Just because the Cardinals are in why the hell not mode doesn’t mean that they’re in rebuilding mode. There are still aspects of this team that are good and they have a few, albeit massive, kinks to work out and they’ll be fine.

Lest we forget this team started 4-0. They’re doing their best to make us forget that but this team is still close to being a passable product. Tebow might help sell tickets but he might not help bring in wins.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Douglas-Ferraez/685518890 Douglas Ferraez

    Actually, the only place he has had any chance to play at was in Denver and it was absolutely a success. They went from 1-4 to the playoffs. In new york he had no opportunity and many of us felt he would have done better than what Sanchez did. Why do you write as if he didn`t have success in Denver.

  • Chris Triplett

    Another Tebow-bashing writer who chooses to ignore the facts. Tim Tebow has always been a winner and a class act, and because of his faith he will continue to be a lightning rod. Here’s hoping he gets another chance with a coach who believes in him (preferably in Jacksonville!)…

  • http://www.facebook.com/lorraine.starnes1 Lorraine Starnes

    I’m a little confused!? Why not Jax? What makes you think Gabbert shouldn’t be replaced? Obviously he hasn’t done much this year. Are you even an athlete? All Tebow needs is to play! What he has is HEART, he’s a winner through and through. I find it difficult to find this quality in professional athletes today and there is no coach out there that can teach you that!

    • mark voorhees

      TT is going to win at least two super bowl rings leading a team there as starting quarterback

  • 350zTURBO

    Vick is gone so let the dog whisperer in the octagon!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/skipper.sam2 Skipper Sam

    Tampa should give Tebow a chance

  • Juergensen

    Need to correct your error. Webb is MUCH WORSE than Tebow.