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Alabama Man Gets Court Case Delayed for National Championship Game

They say football runs deep within your soul. They also say Alabama fans are crazy about their Tide and would do anything short of killing a man for their team. Both statements hold true for an Alabama lawyer who’s persistence in trying get his case scheduled for January 7th delay seems to have been aided by the football gods.

Self-proclaimed Alabama ‘fanatic’ Marcus Jones III had a bit of a dilemma on his hands. On the one hand, he’s a lawyer and it’s his civic duty to protect his clients and try to win their cases for them. On the other hand, he lives and dies with the Crimson Tide and has been a fierce supporter since going to games as a boy int he 1960s.

The only problem was, being a lawyer and being an Alabama fanatic crossed paths in the most inconvenient of ways. Jones III had a case scheduled for January 7th, meaning he’d have to skip going to the big National Championship game so that he could be in court.

Jones III apparently tried getting the case delayed back on December 6th, five days after the Tide clinched a spot in the title game. That request was quickly denied, but Jones III wasn’t giving up without a fight.

“The undersigned (Jones) is an Alabama football fanatic and has been since being a young child, attending games with great players such as Pat Trammell and Joe Namath, with a strong belief that football in Alabama is special,” Jones wrote in his motion to presiding Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Scott Vowell.

The lawyer even said that his daughter was getting married in mid-December and was putting off her honeymoon until the week of the big game. His point was his family is so into the Tide that their daughter’s honeymoon won’t be spent in some exotic country, it’s going to be spent in Miami cheering on Alabama.

Vowell denied the motion on December 17th, but Jones III wasn’t ready to sell his tickets yet. The miracle he was holding out for happened Saturday when he approached the judge one final time with his plea.

The judge explained that he has a very strict policy when it comes to continuance in a case. But since he’s retiring soon and understands the deep love of Alabama football, he said what the hell and delayed the case.

“While I remain an Auburn fan, even after this dismal season, I hate to see an Alabama man cry. I have therefore reluctantly agreed to grant the lawyers a short continuance,” Vowell stated.

I’m not sure what the legal or ethical ramifications of this is, but things work differently in Alabama when it comes to football and not even the legal system can keep a man from being able to Roll Tide.

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