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Cowboys vs. Redskins: Is There More Pressure on RGIII or Tony Romo?

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There’s more than just a division title on the line in Washington Sunday night, as both Tony Romo and Robert Griffin III have been thrust into situations that will result in wildly different conclusions. But nevertheless it’s a pressure cooker ordeal, as the spotlight is on both quarterbacks and the expectation is nothing short of success. However, the question is who has more pressure on them: Tony Romo or Robert Griffin III?

Here’s where the situation divides for the two men. One the one hand, we have Robert Griffin III, who has burst onto the scene and had officially turned the Redskins into the team we thought they’d be for the past 15 years. Washington has gone from having a top 5 draft pick to being a serious threat to go deep into the playoffs and do some damage and it’s all thanks to one man.

If you take Robert Griffin III off the Redskins, you have a team that quits on it’s season eight weeks ago. But if Robert Griffin III loses on Sunday, and the Redskins miss the playoffs, he won’t be blasted for it or run out of town. Rather, it will be called part of the learning process for a young quarterback still getting his footing in the NFL.

RGII has a built-in escape plan. Tony Romo may very well be burned at the stake if he loses on Sunday and the Cowboys miss the playoffs.

Unlike Griffin III, Romo has ten years of failure and disappointment working against him and it’s really only half his fault. But no matter if Romo’s been directly at fault or not, if the Cowboys fail, he’ll be the face of it.

So it’s pretty safe to say that Romo is in a lose-lose situation. If the Cowboys wins, it proves that he does have what it takes to lead the Cowboys in high pressure, big spot situations and fans will wonder why it took so long for him to get it together. If he loses — well it will just go into the scrapbook of Cowboys disappointments that have come to define Romo’s career.

Despite being in the exact same situation in theory, Robert Griffin III and Tony Romo couldn’t be in anymore drastically different positions than they are entering what is one of the biggest and most important games of their careers Sunday night.

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