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New York Jets Meltdown: Is Woody Johnson the Worst Owner in the NFL?

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As we enter the final week of the Circus in New York, the search to find out where to place the blame for what’s happened to the Jets this season continues. A lot of the blame is being divided between Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez, but if you want to deconstruct the meltdown in New York, you need to go to the top to see the real problem.

Before the season could even get going, Johnson had already checked out. With the 2012 Presidential election right around the corner, Johnson went on record as saying the Jets winning or losing does not matter to him because he was fully invested in winning Mitt Romney the White House. The Jets were slumping when he announced this, but things weren’t as bad as they would eventually get.

From there, the Jets would get blasted on and off the field for their poor play and even worse decision making. Far before the Tim Tebow saga happened, the Jets were getting chastised by the local New York media for being a stain on the city’s face.

But while Rex, Sanchez and other can bare blame, it’s Johnson that deserves the majority of the heat for what has happened. Johnson has only recently come out as saying he’s upset about what’s happening.

The phrase too little too late is coming to mind. We have to give Johnson some credit — wait, no we don’t. Johnson’s come out of the woodwork after a rough year of losing. Not only has his team been an embarrassment, but he fully endorsed the wrong guy for the White House.

Many blame Rex Ryan for the Tim Tebow situation, but this is all on Johnson, who has allowed this non-story to erupt into a massive deal. It was Johnson that allowed this to happen in his organization, and organization he owns. If you walk into a crappy McDonald’s with toilet paper and urine all over the kitchen, you don’t blame the workers, you go straight to the top with your complaints.

That should be the case here, has Johnson is some how been getting off light with the blame, but not anymore. A bad business starts at the top and it doesn’t go any higher than Johnson in New York.

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