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Dallas Cowboys Fan Blows Up Tony Romo Jersey (Video)

There is a lot of animosity towards Tony Romo these days in Dallas, and the man under center hasn’t done himself too many favors in terms of getting the monkey off his back. In all but one of Tony Romo’s win or go home games he’s played in, he’s lost and lost badly. Needless to say, Cowboys fans are sick and tired of Romo, and they’re going to extreme measure’s to get their anger out.

Like attaching a Tony Romo jersey to a washing machine and shooting it until it blows up.

Yeah, Texas baby!

We have to give props to creativity on this one, as we have foregone the usual and cliched burning of the jersey, to a much more theatrical and dramatic way of displaying rage. The one comment we all have is, what a waste of a washing machine, but then again, the fact that this fan is willing to drag a washing machine out of a house or shed and to the middle of a field, attach a Romo jersey and then shoot at it until it explodes.

The bigger question in all this is how long will the Cowboys roll with Romo? Usually in the NFL when a quarterback struggles for a single game he is chastised by fans and a replacement plan is drawn up by management. Well, maybe it’s not that drastic, but the leash for quarterbacks in the NFL is amazingly short.

Romo has won one playoff game since 2006 and has lost almost every meaningful game he’s ever played in. Yet, Jerry Jones has stuck with Romo for all these years and seems to still be doing so. This offseason will be very telling as to the direction the Cowboys are heading. If Jones sticks with Romo and Romo alone, it won’t just be Romo jersey’s that are attached to washing machines and blown up — season tickets and hope are the next victims.

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