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Robert Griffin III Consoles Tony Romo: Don't Listen to the Haters

Robert Griffin III may just be a rookie in the NFL, but he’s got some encouraging words of wisdom for embattled Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. After the Redskins bounced the Cowboys from playoff contention as a result of Tony Romo’s interception, Griffin III met Romo at midfield and told him to forget his haters and not listen to what people have to say about him.

“Hey Tony. I just wanted to say to you, don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. And this game doesn’t mean anything,” Griffin said to Romo.

The comments were captured by NFL Films microphones after the game and will aired on Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

While RGIII is a stand up guy, he’s wrong in everything he says to Romo. For starters, the game did mean something as it was a de facto playoff game seeing as it was a win or go home situation. Had the Redskins lost, and RGIII came to the podium after the game and said that the game didn’t mean anything, the media would be all over him.

We’ll give the young man the benefit of the doubt and say he was saying the game didn’t mean anything to Romo’s career or his status as a quarterback, but he’s dead wrong about that too.

It’s nice that Griffin III isn’t buying into the whole you have to hate your enemies idea, but when it comes to Romo, it’s not about hating your enemy it’s about being honest and RGII pretty much lied through his teeth when he complimented Romo.

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  • Come on, really?

    I am pretty sure Robert was referring to the grand scheme of life and the fact that there is more to life than football.
    Romo himself stated in his post game that he is fortunate to have a
    loving and supporting family and I am sure he appreciated Griffin’s encouragement. The liberal media has a hard time taking
    someone’s words at face value and not reading into them just to print a story that will create controversy. Josh Hill should be following actual sports news and stop riding the coat tails of controversy.

  • Ken Lucas

    “Liberal media”? This has nothing to do with politics whatsoever. You sound like a sarah palin dittohead. Romney lost the election….Get Over It!