Indianpolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Tweets He's Ready to "Let the Monster Feed"

If there’s one owner in the NFL that embodies Tom Hanks charcter in ‘Big‘, it’s Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay. He’s like an odd combination of a Frank Capra charcter and a guy who wants to be Hank Moody on Californication. Either way, Jim Irsay is an entertaining guy and he’s not afraid to let the world know how excited he is that his Colts are in the playoffs a year after posting the league’s worst record.

If there’s another thing Irsay loves to do, it’s tweet and usually about the Colts.

The Colts are making yet another trip to Baltimore, but this time more is on the line than just pride and hurt feelings. On the one hand, you have the obvious history between the Colts and Ravens that stems back to the day when the Baltimore Colts upped and left for Indianapolis without any warning. If you think almost 30 years heals any wounds when it comes to the day football died in Baltimore, you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, when the Colts come to Baltimore, it’s the only time the Ravens choose to put the team’s city on the scoreboard as opposed to it’s team name. That’s how hurt the city and it’s fanbase still is.

But in addition to that, you have the story of Chuck Pagano, which Ravens fans are close to due to Pagano’s recent days as a member of the Ravens coaching staff. Pagano is a sort of bridge that Colts fans and Ravens fans have to one another that will never be burned, and that’s pretty significant.

Irsay was one of the most vocal voices to come out in support of Pagano during his fight with leukemia, and all that heartbreak that he and his franchise endured is coming out in white hot passion now that the team is actually good. It’s going to be one of the better matchups on Wild Card Sunday, let’s just hope Irsay leaves the frat boy look back in Indy.

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