Report: As Expected, Bill O'Brien Will Stay At Penn State

When Bill O’Brien won one of the eight million Coach of the Year awards, the instant speculation was that the former NFL coordinator would use his stunning success at Penn State to jump back to the pros and secure himself a succulent head coaching gig. But those close to O’Brien, including the man himself, said that he wasn’t about to bail on Penn State after just one season.

Turns out among being an amazing college head coach, Bill O’Brien is a man of his word.

After much external debate, and most likely some internal debate, O’Brien has informed both the NFL and Penn State that he intends to stay at the school for at least another season. The pressure now shifts to Chip Kelly, and his value to NFL teams just skyrocketed, seeing as he’s now going to be the most coveted college coach this offseason.

Penn State’s biggest fear was that they’d lose O’Brien to the NFL after he carried the team through trying times to an eight win season, boosting the spirits of Nittany Lions everywhere. A lot of the drama surrounding his being an NFL head coaching candidate was puffed up by the NFL media, as the likes of CBS, ESPN and most others threw O’Brien’s name into the head coaching ring even after he never gave any definitive reason for them to do so.

But now that O’Brien has pulled his name out of the running, the focus now shifts to Kelly. Oregon is playing in the Fiesta Bowl tonight, and when his season with the Ducks is over, expect plenty of voicemails to be waiting for the potential future NFL head coach when he gets home.

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