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Rex Ryan Dodges Media for End of Season Trip to Bahamas

The New York Jets have been M.I.A. when it comes to any sort of news this week, a week many people thought would very active in the Big Apple. Aside from firing Mike Tannenbaum and the team asking the Giants for help, it’s been an unusually slow news week in New York. It turns out that the Pro Football Writers of America feel those in charge in New York are intentionally dodging them, and they went as far as to file a complaint.

Woody Johnson has been out of town since skipping Sunday’s season finale, but the question was where was Rex Ryan?

Turns out Ryan high tailed it to the Bahamas, like every cliched villain trying to make a getaway in every cheesy crime film ever made in the history of cinema. Ryan is supposed to be back next week, because that’s when the Jets are finally having a postseason press conference to discuss and field questions about just what exactly happened during this season’s meltdown.

It’s a press conference we’ve all been waiting for, and that’s probably why the Jets have been dodging the media. The obvious reason is that the Jets just don’t want to discuss the meltdown they had this year, but the Jets love being the center of attention, and even if they have to pay a penalty for shutting out the media, the attention is on New York.

One of the bigger topic of discussions at the press conference will be the fate of offensive coordinator Tony Sporano. The feeling around New York is that Sporano is going to be fired, but while it was reported as such on Saturday, obviously nothing has come out of New York since then. At the moment, it’s believed that former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner is on the short list, but before anything can be settled, a bigger issue needs to be settled.

The Jets need a new general manager.

What will happen in New York is still a mystery to all of us, and probably to most in New York, but one mystery has been solved. Rex Ryan and company haven’t been kidnapped at gun point, they’ve just all decided to run as far away from their problems as humanly possible.

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