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Chipper Jones Rips Florida Gators on Twitter After Sugar Bowl Upset

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Former Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones used to be a fat man, but he still managed to get a Playboy Playmate to get into bed every night with him. On top of that, he’s become somewhat of a Twitter celebrity with his bizarre and often incoherent tweets. Jones utilized the latter skill to display his displeasure with how the Florida Gators played in the Sugar Bowl on Wednesday.

Jones, who is a self-proclaimed die-hard Gator fan, said he hadn’t seen such a pitiful display from a football team in all his years, or words to that effect.

In true and bizarre Chipper Jones fashion, he followed that tweet up with one that implied (for some reason) that the Gators were rotting from the inside.

The best guess as to why Jones said that, is because he can. That’s not a complicated reason, but it’s the only conclusion you can draw when discussing why Chipper Jones tweets what he tweets. Jones finished up his twitter rant by taking a pop shot at the Gator fans who were apparently calling him out for criticizing the team.

While Jones was a little outrageous, and has a reputation on social media of being that way, he wasn’t entirely wrong. The Gators bounced the Georgia Bulldogs out of a BCS bowl by finishing ahead of them, and the way they repay the system is to get blown away by an average Big East school in Louisville.

Chipper Jones is now retired from baseball, he’s got a banging playmate girlfriend, he’s got more money than most of us will make in out lives and he’s a Twitter machine. In other words, he’s got a lot of time to let us all know that even if we have a firmer grasp on the English language and know how to properly use Twitter, our lives will never be as awesome as Chipper Jones’.

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