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ESPN Reporter Ed Werder Makes a Fat Joke On-Air About Andy Reid (Video)

Ed Werder is kind of like that dorky kid in high school who ended up getting a job that’s way cooler than yours when he grew up. Werder is not getting into Twitter wars, he treats social media like it’s a cool way to share family pictures, and stays relatively below the radar.

Plus, Werder gets a pass for being one of the only actually journalists left at what used to be a great sports institution.

But Werder does have his moments, and he had one of those on-air Friday, when he made a random fat joke about Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.  While reporting that Reid wasn’t flying with the Chiefs search committee on their private plane, Werder assured us that the reason Reid was absent had nothing to do with a breakdown in a deal between the two sides, rather Andy Reid is just really fat.

“Now I don’t know if that’s because Andy Reid might put the plane over its weight limit, but there’s no apparent breakdown in the deal. The expectation still is that Andy Reid is going to be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs,” Werder said in his report.

Hey, Andy Reid. Micheal Kelso’s on the phone and he’d like to say burn!

Some are saying this was a low blow and a cheap shot by Werder, and places like Deadspin who are rightfully and justly anti-ESPN will likely run with this as another reason the four letter network is the sports equivalent to FOX News. But in all honesty, it’s an observation more than it is a zing. Yeah, the plane thing was a bit unnecessary but if Werder had passed that up when it was served to him on a platter, we all would be disappointed.

And Reid is very aware he’s a larger man, and likely is not going to take offense to a joke that wasn’t really mean spirited. Rex Ryan was fatter than holy hell and he managed to lose wieght, so at this point we’re chalking Reid’s size up to a lifestyle choice. Besides, he’s Andy Reid, one of the best coaches in the NFL today and is maybe a Super Bowl win away from being a Hall of Fame head coach.

So if the man wants to be big, let him be big. And if Werder wants to make a joke, let the mustached man have his moment in the comedy sun.

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