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Report: Andy Reid Meeting with Cardinals Canceled, Deal With Chiefs Expected on Friday

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The first coaching domino in the NFL is about to fall, and it’s rightfully the most qualified guy for the job. Less than a week after hitting the coaching market for the first time since the 90s, Andy Reid is expected to be introduced as the new head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs as soon as this Friday, per a report from Chris Mortensen.

It appears that the Arizona Cardinals, who many so-called NFL insiders claimed were a cinch to hire Reid, were the ones to cancel the meeting with Reid, opening up the almost certain possibility that Reid is destined to be the next head coach in Kansas City.

From the Mort Report:

When it became clear that Reid was in serious talks with the Chiefs, sources said the Cardinals canceled their private jet Wednesday evening that was scheduled to take Reid to Arizona. By the end of the day, the expectation among the parties in attendance was that a deal would be wrapped up.

The next thing on the agenda, it appears, will be dealing with current general manager Scott Pioli. When Romeo Crennel was canned on Black Monday, it was long expected that Pioli would follow him out the door. When that didn’t happen, it left Chiefs fans and NFL analysts alike puzzled. But Pioli has been on serious probation and will likely not survive a transition to the Reid era in Kansas City.

San Diego, a team that was supposedly rumored to have no interest in Reid, was scheduled to meet with him, but confidence that said meeting will transpire is not very high at the moment.

It was reported earlier on Thursday that if a deal between the Chiefs and Reid wasn’t reached by the end of the day, Arizona would still interview him. That will no longer be happening, and the Chiefs have gone as far as to cancel all other interviews they had on the books. So it’s looking like Reid to the Chiefs is all but a done deal, but like earlier this week, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Then again the evidence involved here is just too convincing to pass up. An announcement is expected by the Chiefs on Friday.

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