RGIII Pulls Prank on Mike Shanahan at Redskins Press Conference (Video)

Robert Griffin III quickly arrived on the scene as a viable NFL quarterback, but as he demonstrated during Mike Shanahan’s press conference this week, he can make jokes too.

Usually the media asks the questions on the other side of the podium, but when Shanahan took the mic, a familiar voice began asking questions from the group of reporters. As though it was some sort of bizarre Nike commercial, Robert Griffin III began asking Shanhan some questions, much the the enjoyment of everyone in the room.

To be honest, if you’re going to prank someone, you need to prank them. Robert Griffin III, in true character though, couldn’t have pulled a more G-rated prank on Shanahan than he did. Put other players in that position, and we could have had a much more hilariously awkward situation, but leave it to Griffin to ask a New Years question.

But if there’s one thing RGIII has demonstrated since coming into the NFL, it’s that he’s always going to be the G-rated quarterback in an otherwise boarderline R-rated league.

Shanahan admitted after the prank that the possible Rookie of the Year got him good, and laughed off the prank. But really, to call this a prank is to really water down actual pranks. But if the Redskins start making a serious run towards a Super Bowl, expect the buddy-buddy attitude of Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III to only get cheesier.

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