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Victoria Azarenka Blames Bad Pedicure for Canceled Match Against Serena Williams

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This is going to read like an extremely sexist ad-lib, but it’s true: World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka had to cancel a scheduled tennis match in Brisbane against Serena Williams because she suffered an injury during a botched pedicure.

My first reaction is, my god they can actually botch pedicures? Is nothing safe in this world anymore?

Azarenka said that because of a bad pedicure, her toe became badly infected, and she couldn’t risk further bodily harm by playing Williams in the Brisbane International semifinal.

“It just got infected from a bad pedicure experience. I had somebody who gave me infection,” she said. “Actually the doctor said it happens a lot. Never happened to me (before), so it’s something that I am definitely going to prevent for the next time.”

The top ranked Azarenka said that she’s been battling the injury for ten days and would rather sit out this match than risk having to possibly miss the Australian Open. Her opponent, Serena Williams, fully supports Azerenka’s decision to skip the match in an effort to be ready for the first leg of a potential Grand Slam year.

“I like Vika. I think she’s a great player. I love playing her,” she said. “I had that toe problem just a couple weeks ago and it’s painful. Doesn’t sound painful, but it is. You can’t walk with that. ”

My second thought is, this happened to Serena too? My god is nothing safe in this world anymore, where a woman can’t get a pedicure without suffering an injury?

All  joking aside, Azarenka said she did all she could to get ready for the Brisbane International, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

“I tried everything. We tried medication with taping, and I was playing through the pain for quite a while,” Azarenka said. “It’s just something that I had to do to make sure that I can be fully recovered and ready for Australian Open. It’s that sort kind of compromise I had to take.”

Azarenka is heading to Melbourne, as the Australian Open begins on January 14th and runs through the 27th.

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