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Brian Kelly on NFL Rumors: "My Focus is 100 Percent On This Football Game"

With news that Andy Reid is off the coaching market and that Chip Kelly is soon going to follow him, teams that still have a vacancy will be looking to find the best man left for the job. While Lovie Smith, Ken Whisenhunt and other at the NFL level are still available, teams like to try their hand at successful college coaches, and despite the hype on Chip Kelly, it’s another Kelly who’s had the better year and is starting to get equal hype.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is racking the Coach of the Year awards, and it appears he’s the next man up on the college coaching poll when it comes to NFL teams ringing him about making the leap to the pros. However, while Kelly sort of burned the Cincinnati Bearcats to take the Notre Dame job a few years ago, he doesn’t seem ready to talk about heading to the NFL — at least not yet.

“They have to contact my representation and they have to follow through that,” Kelly said. “If that did occur, all that stuff is secondary to this football game. This is the biggest game that I have ever been involved in. So my focus is 100 percent on this football game.”

The whole reason Kelly left Cincinnati a few years ago, was because he described the Notre Dame job as his dream job. Kelly is still singing that tune today in response to NFL rumors.

“When I took the job at Notre Dame, I said that it was my dream job,” Kelly said. “But I never went around day to day thinking about being the Notre Dame head coach because the job that I had at hand is what I was thinking about.”

While Kelly is skirting NFL rumors at the moment, he’s not denying the fact that he’s flattered by the attention he’s getting after posting the ones of the best seasons in Notre Dame history. He also says that while some may covet an NFL job to complete their careers, he feels that the job he has right now is the best job a coach can have in the country.

“From my perspective, I have the best job in the country — NFL, college, high school — it doesn’t matter. So I just look at the place that I’m at and am thankful for the opportunity that I have.”

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