Dec 8, 2012; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Manny Pacquiao after being knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez (not pictured) their welterweight bout at the MGM Grand Arena. Juan Manuel Marquez won by knockout in the sixth round Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Doctors Say Manny Pacquiao is Showing Early Signs Of Parkinson's Disease

Manny Pacquiao is less than one month removed from a devastating knockout loss to Juan Manual Marquez and he is hearing news that no human being wants to be hit with. Dr. Rustico Jimenez, President of Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines and a leading neurologist in the Philippines, said during an interview that Pacquiao is showing early signs of Parkison’s Disease.

Jimenez said that he has made observations from Pacquiao’s post-fight interviews and the warning signs are there.

“Even though his reflexes are quick, I noticed the movement – it’s just another view, my personal view – but it seems like there are early signs,” Jimenez said, via ABS-CBN news. “There are some movements that you will notice with his hands. It’s in the hands, and not the head, where you can easily see this. It twitches a little bit. Although I haven’t seen it up close, I think I am seeing that there are some signs.”

Bad Left Hook passes along the news that another doctor also fears Pacquiao could be heading down a dangerous path.

“When the brain gets shook like that, it’s very dangerous. Since it’s not truly fixed to you skull, when your brain gets shaken, there are connections that get cut off, and you get small hemorrhages,” said Dr. Raquel Fortun.

It is no secret that repeated head trauma is believed to lead to Parkinson’s Disease. Pacquiao’s own family have already expressed their desire for him to retire from the sport and you have to side with those family members if the early signs of Parkinson’s are there.

Pacquiao has a political career that he can focus on and his health should always be the top priority. Pacquiao is a pleasure to watch in the ring, but if the doctors are correct, it’s time for Pacquiao to hang up his gloves.

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  • Joe Kidd

    My hands twitch all the time. I don’t have Parkinson’s. But, I do think that boxing is a crazy sport. I used to like it and still don’t mid seeing a good fight. Even participated in an amateur club as a teenager, but to do it for decades. No way it can be good for a person.

  • Jocker

    This doctor is full of shit!! Just like any Filipino doctors wannabe in medicine… What a fcking joker!!!

  • Tommy boy

    I think that since his fluke of a loss that people are just gonna say all kinds of idiotic things now, including doctors. I bet if he won though there would have been no signs of the disease. What makes it so bad is that he was dominating the fight. Even after he was knocked down the first time it was a flash knock down and he got right up. He was hit less in this fight then the previous three fights ass well. This is just a classic case of a huge upset. Marquez knows he got lucky and anyone with common sense knows marquez is doping and it’s only a matter of time before he gets caught. It took lance Armstrong 15 years to confess that he was doping but here we go he just confessed it on Oprah. The time will come and the truth will come out it always does.