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Golden Tate Still Believes He Scored a Touchdown to Beat Packers

The Seattle Screw ened up factoring into the final playoff schedule after all. When it happened, the worst fear on the minds of sports fans everywhere, was that a blown call by a crew of replacement referees was going to have a deep impact on the playoff picture down the road. That one game likely kept the Packers out of a first round bye and very much helped the Seattle Seahawks reach the postseason.

But wide receiver Golden Tate still thinks that the call is much ado about nothing. According to Tate, he caught the ball and that’s all that needs to be said.

“I absolutely did catch the ball,” Tate told NBC Pro Football Talk’s Erik Kuselias.  “Till my death I did catch the ball and I’m very confident that I caught the ball.”

Tate is still singing the same tune he was back in September when he appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio to defend what was at the time, a play still very much fresh in the minds of everyone.

“Yes, I did,” Tate said in the September interview. “I know I had the ball in my hands the entire — from the moment that it was catchable. I had my hands on the ball, just fought for it and tried to come down with it.”

The call is still much debated, and if anything it’s credited as the reason the NFL and the NFLRA ended their labor dispute and allowed the “real” referees to come back to officiating games on Sundays. But while the call may be in the past, it’s ripple effect is still being felt almost four months after it happened. And apparently Golden Tate’s mind hasn’t changed about what happened that fateful Monday night in Seattle.

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  • Jason Rivas

    Feel free to get over this. They also were gifted a TD against the Hawks in that game.You know, the Packers had 4 other chances to NOT LOSE a game. They failed in that. If they can keep AP from rushing for over 200 yards against them last week, they win and are resting right now. Here’s another thing, even if the Pack wins that game against Seattle, Seattle is 10-6 and STILL the 5 seed as they owned tie-breakers over Chicago, Dallas, and Minnesota.

  • Scott Collier

    I’m all for a rematch just to shut Green Bay whiners up! I’ve never heard a bunch of spoiled children complain this much for this long. Whiners should refer to the KCPQ13 footage on to get another angle on the catch. It’s easily a tie which by rule goes to the offense.

  • Hawkman54

    Thats BS ! Seattle would have been in without that win and GB could have had a bye with a win over the Vikings , they just didn’t get it it done!
    PLUS by rule the catch was called correctly, now the push off seconds before , well that was a foul not called !