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Kedric Golston Thinks Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is a Cheater

The Redskins and Seahawks don’t do battle until Sunday, but the war of words has already begun. Earlier in the week, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman came out with a bizarre quote about how people think Jesus didn’t exist, therefor the Redskins stand no chance against the Seahawks — at least I think that’s what he meant.

Redskins defensive lineman Kedric Golston came out with his own quote, and Jesus wasn’t anywhere near it.

While Lorenzo Alexander was being interviewed about Richard Sherman, Golston leaned in on the interview and simply said that Sherman was a cheater and waked away. Golston didn’t stick around to dish on what he thought about the infamous Fail Mary but his assessment of that ordeal likely would have been similar.

“It is what it is,” Alexander said. “I don’t know what his total case and background of it is, or about the paperwork he did. He was doing Adderall, Ritalin, the same thing that (Redskins cornerback) Cedric (Griffin) was doing, I believe. I know there’s a (testing) procedure you have to do and even then, they can still hit you for it. It is what it is.”

Sherman, who won his appeal after testing positive for Adderral — which is classified as a performance enhancing drug due to the adrenaline rush it gives a user– but not everyone is happy about it.

In a strange twist, the oft outspoken DeAngelo Hall had nothing but kind words for Sherman and the ruling on his appeal. Hall said that he was happy Sherman (a fellow defensive back) won his appeal and that the Redskins are just going to have to deal with him on Sunday.

“I’m happy he won it,” Hall said of Sherman’s appeal.  “I don’t know all the details of it. If he won his appeal, he won his appeal.  We obviously would have been better off it he wasn’t playing, but he’s out there.  We have to deal with who’s out there.  There’s nothing we can do about it.”

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