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NFL Draft 2013: Clemson QB Tajh Boyd Will "Most Likely" Return for Senior Season

The 2013 quarterback class isn’t one that is too exciting to begin with, and it could be losing a potentially sexy name and prospect in Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd. All signs are pointing to the junior quarterback to return to the Tigers for his senior season, meaning he likely won’t be declaring for the NFL Draft before the deadline on January 15th.

Currently, NFL scouts have informed Boyd that teams are viewing him as a third round pick at the earliest, and that’s not sitting well with him. Boyd has had cold feet about entering the draft since it was first brought up, and his true intention is to try and win a Heisman Trophy his senior season. Boyd stated that he would only forgo that plan if he’s going to be a top tier draft pick.

That doesn’t appear to be the case next year, which means Boyd will likely return to Clemson next season.

Boyd’s father Tim Boyd told the Post and Courier that his son is leaning towards returning, which when combined with the pre-existing factors already established, is pretty much all the indication that you need that Boyd is going to skip the draft this year. But the question becomes will Boyd help or hurt his stock by returning to Clemson.

One thing going against Boyd is his height, and although Russell Wilson has had success this season, NFL franchises need more disanalogies before they can draw a conclusion that involves them taking a shot on Boyd in the first or second round. Even winning the Heisman doesn’t guarantee  Boyd as a top prospect in next year’s draft.

We love stories of players overcoming adversity to find success. Boyd’s height is a bump in the road, but it’s not a death knell in his potential NFL career.

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