Photo: South Carolina Sign Warns Travelers to Beware of Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney put an absolutely lights out brutal hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl, and ever since then he’s seen his popularity amongst the greater football public boom.

South Carolina is cashing in on that popularity, and is warning weary travelers that they don’t clown around in their town.

A picture has surfaced of the South Carolina state sign being supported by a warning to all those who pass through: Beware of Clowney. The sign very likely is a fake, and is nothing more than a cleaver photoshop exercise, but it’s funny and amazingly true.

After all, his hit on Smith was so hard that just watching it makes you both feel Smith’s pain, whilst becoming deathly afraid that Clowney is waiting for you in your closet at home.

Clowney is only a sophomore at South Carolina, which means his popularity will no doubt carry over to next season for the Gamecocks. South Carolina showed flashes of being a real SEC contender this season, and with Clowney as their new face of the program, expectations will begin to soar the closer we get to next season.

But for now, at least we’ve been warned that should we venture into South Carolina, that we need to watch our backs. This clown doesn’t make jokes, he just breaks your bones and laughs at you.

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