Redskins' Trent Williams Slaps Richard Sherman Following Wild Card Loss

Trent Williams doesn’t like to lose, and on top of that he doesn’t like to lose to Richard Sherman or his loud mouth. Williams attempted one last technique to shut Sherman up, when he essentially slapped Sherman in the face following the Redskins 24-14 loss to Seattle on Sunday night.

Sherman had been running his mouth, as usual, all week long about how he thought the Seahawks would somehow be like Jesus and rise from the dead. I’m sure what the hell he was talking about in his bizarre quote, but the jist was that the Redskins didn’t really stand a chance against Seattle’s onslaught of talent on both sides of the ball.

Kedric Golston fired back with saying he thinks Sherman is a cheater, and the war of words ensued. But Sherman got the last laugh on Sunday as the Seahawks handled to Redskins pretty well, and sort of came back from the dead by rallying before halftime to pull within one point of Washington. But while Seattle sprinted out of the building with the win, Williams tried to stop Sherman with a palm to the face.

FOX cameras caught the incident as it happened, and while Sherman may have deserved it, you don’t just slap a guy after he beat you unless you can get away with it. Doing it in the middle of a crowded huddle with national television cameras surrounding you is not what we in the business would call being incognito. 

While Williams is getting attention for his slap, Sherman can turn his focus to getting under the skin of the Atlanta Falcons next week. Clearly Sherman has rubbed people the wrong way and clearly it’s having a positive effect for the Seahawks.

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