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A.J. McCarron Explains His Fight with Barrett Jones (Video)

Late in the Alabama Crimson Tide’s BCS title win over the Notre Dame Irish, a strange scene played out. With the play clock running down and the score 42014 in favor of the Tide, quarterback A.J. McCarron began frantically waving and stomping behind center Barrett Jones. McCarron called a timeout, but quickly spun around to get right in the grill of his massive center. He began shouting and flailing his arms in anger at Jones, who proceeded to give McCarron a hearty shove.

The two later made up, but not before the went to sidelines still jawing at one another.

After the game, Jones –who roomed with McCarron during road games this year– laughed it off, saying there was a mix up on the snap count and that McCarron was wrong and just mad about it. McCarron echoed what Jones said after th game as well, he just left out the part about him being wrong.

Apparently, as was reported during the game just moments after the shoving match had occurred, McCarron and Jones routinely get into shouting matches over play calls but rarely does it spill over into something physical. This was backed by McCarron following the game.

“Everyday,” he said when asked how often he and Jones verbally bicker. “But as soon as it happens we just let it go. We would never hold any grudges, I mean you can’t be little kids out there.”

When told that Jones was letting it go because he said he was right, McCarron rolled his eyes.

“Well he’s full of it,” he remarked, immediately looking around the locker room for Jones with a smirk on his face. “The shot clock was down to three, and he was trying to change the play, and you can’t go changing the play so I was right.”

While the Tide may be an intense bunch, it’s clear that even after a public and embarrassing shoving match, the bond between these players is tight and nothing can stand in their way.

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