Friends Use Twitter to Get Adrian Peterson to Visit Cancer Patient in Hosptial

Twitter is a beastly thing, and it usually has negative effects. From journalists fighting over leads and credit to people just making fools of themselves, Twitter usually isn’t your best friend. But for one kid, Twitter and his best friends joined together to generate one of the best feel-good stories of the season.

Blake Cognata, is a senior lacrosse player from Fairport, New York who also happens to be a massive Minnesota Vikings fan. But not too long ago, Cognata was diagnosed with cancer, and his life has been put on hold as he tries to survive a fight no young person should ever have to endure. So to lift his spirits, Cognata’s friends began a Twitter movement to get Vikings running back Adrian Peterson to give Cognata a call.

His friends used the Twitter hashtag #APCallBlake, and the movement swelled. Vikings fans are known for their bullheadedness — just look at how irrationally they responded to the Christian Ponder saga this year– but what they lack in logic they more than make up for with their enormous hearts. As the popularity of the hashtag swelled, it reached the point where Adrian Peterson took notice.

And then he called up Cognata.

Deadspin is already speculating that this is some kind of sick Internet hoax, as Adrian Peterson has gone silent on Twitter since Saturday thus making no mention of ever placing the call to Cognata. If the story proves to be a hoax, words can’t describe how disgusting it would be. But for now, and for the sake of humanity, we’re assuming that Peterson has gone silent on Twitter because his team got thumped in the Wild Card round, ending a season that Peterson may never be able to replicate.

This story has gotten to the point that so many people have bought into it, if it’s a hoax somebody’s head will roll. But Peterson hasn’t done anything in his past to indicate he wouldn’t call up Cognata, so it’s pretty safe to assume that while his season is over, Peterson is still putting a smile on the faces of Vikings fans everywhere.

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