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New Chargers GM Tom Telesco Turns Attention to Head Coaching Search

Newly hired San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco will face his first task as the Chargers leading man now that he has officially been introduced.

Telesco’s first task: Find a head coach.

“He is leading the process,” said owner Dean Spanos during a press conference, per Pro Football Talk.  “We’ll all be there, but ultimately it will be his decision at the end of the day.”

Telesco reportedly was handed a list of 15 to 20 candidates for the Chargers head coaching vacancy.

While the list was initially a large one, it is expected to be cut down to Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and UCLA Bruins head coach Jim Mora.

“I had a list of candidates, which I’m not going to get into specifically, but I have a list and did some research,” Telesco said.

“The interview committee had a list that they had researched and luckily our lists are almost the same, so we’re already ahead of the game there.  But as soon as we’re done here, we’ll probably get right back to the meeting room and start looking at the head coaching list.”

It is believed that Arians is the man who San Diego has their eyes set on.

With Telesco in charge, people will immediately draw the connections between the Chargers and Arians because of the two men’s relationship in Indianapolis.

This past season, Arians led the Colts to a 9-3 record while serving as the team’s interim head coach in the absence of head coach Chuck Pagano who was undergoing treatment for Leukemia.

Arians is a man who deserves a chance to lead a NFL team and the Chargers would be an excellent opportunity.

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  • Ignatius

    I would have rather have Marc Ross but Tom Telesco seems OK but hopefully they don’t get Arians as a HC, I mean, if he was such a good candidate, why he wasn’t a head coach before? There’s a reason why it took so long and would prefer to see a younger and vibrant HC.

    • Josh Sanchez

      Completely understand the concern with a career coordinator of Arian’s age, but his recent track record is so impressive. He is responsible for turning Ben Roethlisberger into a top-tier quarterback and everyone in the Steelers locker room was devastated when he left. Then, he goes to Indianapolis and had that incredible performance this past season. I think it’s time he gets that shot.

      • Ignatius

        Sure but not in San Diego. The team needs someone with energy and hunger for a winning team, not someone who is the hospital as we speak. Arians is older than Turner and has been to many places as Turner, how would the team benefit with Arians at the helm? No much.

        • Josh Sanchez

          Arians is out of the hospital. He was in there for an ear infection, not anything too serious. I think to say Arians doesn’t have energy and huger for a winning team is selling him short. All you have to do is look at what he did with such a young Colts team. I know that’d get me excited for him to take over my team.

  • Tom Spalsbury

    And that also means John Pagano wont go anywhere.He’l stay put as defensive coordinator.