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Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon Player Fakes Injury So Teammate Can Finally Play In a Bowl Game

Usually in college football, players who are going on to the NFL play their hearts out in bowl games to boost their draft stock. Even players that aren’t going to the NFL love to play, just because playing in a bowl game is the pinnacle of some guys careers. But Dane Ebanez, despite playing for the Oregon Ducks for four years and being named scout team player of the year two years in a row, had never ever played in a bowl game.

His teammate, Keanon Lowe, was determined to change that. With around 2:27 left to go in the game, Lowe suffered an injury and has to be replaced on the kick team by Ebanez. The only thing was, Lowe wasn’t injured at all, he had faked the injury as to allow Ebanez to play in his first and final bowl game of his college football career.

Ebanez will be leaving Oregon now that the season is over, because he can’t afford his $70,000 in student debt. Ebanez is a walk on at Oregon, and therefore if he’s not starting, the incentive to pay to be a student athlete who sits on the bench isn’t there for him.

So on his way out the door, Lowe allowed Ebanez to end his college football career on somewhat of a high note. Sure it was only just one play, but it’s more than just the thought that counts.

In a blood sport that showcases it’s best talent and leaves guys like Ebanez behind, it says a lot about the type of guy Lowe is. The Fiesta Bowl wasn’t much of a contest, but the real-life Rudy moment was without a doubt one of the top highlights.

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