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Tim Tebow Package Revealed: How The Jets Originally Planned to Use Him

When the New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos last offseason, they smirked and giggled about a supposed “secret plan” they had in terms of how they planned on using him. As it turns out, we either never saw that plan or the plan was really, really stupid. However USA Today is reporting that what the Jets really wanted to do with Tebow, was use him as the one thing everyone said he should be: a running back.

From USA Today:

The team had visions of lining up Tebow at running back in traditional sets when they acquired him via trade from the Denver Broncos last March, according to a person with knowledge of the team’s plans at the time of the trade. The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the Jets didn’t divulge that plan, said it involved more than the shotgun look and was intended to “give (Tebow) the ball and play at times just like (Shonn) Green and (Bilal) Powell” were used.

Every since he came into the NFL and started playing quarterback for the Broncos, analysts everywhere couldn’t deny that Tebow was a questionable quarterback but ad to admit that he could run. It became a cliche it was said so often, he’s a running back that thinks he’s quarterback. Had the Jets actually started winning, we very well could have seen this package.

But the question is, even if you’re losing why not bust this package out and see if it can’t turn things around?

The revelation of this “master” plan answers the question as to why Tebow was passed up on the depth chart and Greg McElroy was started instead. The Jets never planned on using Tebow as a quarterback, something they apparently didn’t tell him as he was shocked to have been passed up as the starter. This almost certainly means Tebow is on his way out in New York, as whoever the new offensive coordinator ends up being, he likely will trim the “Tebow Tailback” package out of the playbook

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