Comedian Katt Williams Thinks Redskins Name is "Racist" (Video)

Katt Williams is known for his comedy, but he’s using his stage as a well known public figure to take a shot at the NFL. The gossip site TMZ caught up with Williams and asked the oft-outspoken comedian what he thought about the Washington Redskins hanging onto a name that has taken a just amount of flak over the years.

“Do you understand how racist that is?” Williams said in the video. “Do you understand the quality of racism that is? That’d be like saying the Chinese Yellowskins or the Compton Blackskins, like are you kidding me?”

The Redskins name has been under fire for the better part of the last 30 years, with Native American rights activists lobbying for the name to be changed. Williams, as all comedians do whether you like his humor or not, makes a razor sharp point in his commentary on the mascot name.

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Yet, it shows how little this country really cares about it’s own history to see a name like Redskins still exist.

I get it, people can argue that Native American names as team names can be viewed as honoring Native Americans, but is that really what recognition has come to these days? The last time I checked, Native Americans were human being, not mascots. If a tribe wants to give it’s blessing to a franchise, then I’m all for using Native American tribe names but Redskins isn’t a tribe name, it’s a derogatory term towards an entire population of people that have suffered enough at the hands of this country.

Until we get a team called the “All White Guys Are Fat, Slobby and Entitled” then we can have a team called the Redskins. But until then, let’s reflect on our history for a moment and think about how the term Redskins has been used and then reconsider how historically important it is to Washington.

“Slavery was wrong the first year,” Williams finished. “Not 399 years in.”

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