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Marcus Vick Gets Jail Time for Contempt of Court

Marcus Vick, the younger brother of Micheal Vick, made headlines late last year when he took to Twitter to bash the Philadelphia Eagles on Michael’s behalf. Marcus acted alone in his Twitter rant, but now he’s acting alone in another setting: contempt of court. Vick reportedly has been sentenced to five days in jail after he failed to provide adequate documentation for his financial situation prior to a court-imposed deadline.

Since he left Virginia Tech with dreams of following in his brothers footsteps, Marcus Vick has done nothing but screw up his life. Even at Virginia Tech he was a problem, once stomping on a defenseless player in the middle of a game. Luckily for Vick, the official in the game infamously missed the stomp, but Vick was soon kicked off the team in 2006.

Vick responded by entering the NFL Draft, bragging about how he was going to the next level.

That next level was a failed NFL career with minor stints in Miami that saw him play only as a wide receiver before not having his contract renewed by the Dolphins. But even during that period, Vick was most notable for his off the field exploits than for his play within the game. Dating back to his Virginia Tech days, Vick has been accused of everything from gun charges to molestation and DUI.

This isn’t even the first time in the last year that Vick has been held in contempt. Back in March of 2012 he was sentenced to up to 10 days in jail for the very same charge.

Vick is one of the classic examples of someone who could have been something and threw it all away. He’s a cautionary tale to not young players in the NFL but young players in high school and college. Just because you haven’t made it yet, doesn’t mean you can’t still throw it all away.

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