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Milton Bradley Faces Up to 13 Years in Jail After Being Charged with Domestic Abuse

Former Major League Baseball outfielder and noted hothead Milton Bradley has been charged with domestic abuse in Los Angeles. Bradley was charged with 13 counts of misdemeanor counts on Friday of vandalism, dissuading witnesses to give accurate police reports and assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted, Bradley faces up to 13 years behind bars as well as up to $13,000 in fines and restitution.

Prosecutors contend that over the past two years, Bradley as attacked and beaten his wife at least five times. He was arrested at his home twice in 2011 but was later set free.

Bradley said, through his attorney, that his wife is simply making things up.

“My client denies it,” said Bradley’s attorney, Harland Braun. “I’ve talked to him already. He said ‘she’s making up stories. I don’t know what she’s talking about.’

However, prosecutors are singing a very different tune and paint a picture of house full of fear and abuse, contending that in separate instances, Bradley has kicked his wife in the ribs, aggressively approached her with a baseball bat and threatened her with a knife. Prosecutors say that Bradley would threaten his wife, exclaiming that she’d be dead before she could ever divorce him.

“During one incident in November 2012, Bradley allegedly pushed his wife against a kitchen wall and choked her with both hands after she requested that he stop smoking marijuana in front of their children and requested that his friends leave her San Fernando Valley home,” said a statement from the city attorney’s office.

 Bradley’s 11 year career was often overshadowed by his in the field tantrums he’d throw. He infamously threw a water bottle at a fan in Los Angeles back in 2005, an action that promptly got him traded to Oakland. While with the San Diego Padres, he threw a fit when called out by first base umpire Mike Winters and tore his ACL in the process.
Bradley was not held in police custody and is a free man while he awaits a scheduled January 24th arraignment.

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