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Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler Disgustedly Leave Lakers Game Early (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in their worst slump since 2007 and fans everywhere are beginning to bail on the team. When Hollywood Howard came over from Orlando, everyone and heir grandma jumped on the bandwagon, but now that things aren’t going smoothly at all, people couldn’t be trying to switch their stance fast enough.

But it’s not just bandwagon fans that are done with the team, it’s long-tenured diehards that are also throwing their hands up is their air in disgust and saying enough is enough. 

Jack Nicholson has been a staple at the Staple Center the last decade, with his trademark smirk always sitting just inches away from the action. Despite being from New York and growing up loving the Knicks, Jack’s boy-toy Adam Sandler tags along to games pretty frequently as well. But both had seen enough when it came to the Lakers getting blown away by the Thunder Friday night.

WIth more than seven full minutes left in the game, Jack Nicholson was seen visibly throwing his hands up in the air in disgust before getting up and waddling off. His pet son Adam Sandler followed his cue, and both left their court side seats noticeably empty for the remainder of the game.

We don’t care so much about Sandler, because the funniest thing he’s done in the last 15 years was his song at the Sandy Relief Concert. But to see Jack Nicholson, a guy who’s almost synonymous with Lakers homes games, leave with more than half a quarter left in the game is a pretty big deal. Bandwagon fans jumping off is one thing, but Nicholson looking like he’s two seconds away from going all Here’s Johnny on the Lakers is totally different.

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