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Tim Tebow's Brother Slams Denver Broncos on Twitter after 38-35 Loss

The Denver Broncos are one-and-done in the AFC  playoffs and that is something that has the pro-Tim Tebow crowd pretty happy at the moment. Perhpas the leader of that sect, is Tebow’s older brother Peter Tebow, who took to Twitter to rub salt in Broncos fans wounds after their 38-35 loss to the Ravens on Saturday.

It’s been a rough month for Tim Tebow’s squeaky clean image, and while it’s not him but his brother twisting the knife in the side of the Broncos right now, the anti-Tebow crowd isn’t going to care. Towards the end of December it was reported that after getting passed up on the depth chart in New York, Tim Tebow took himself out of the lineup and refused to play.

Since then it’s been open season on people trying to destroy Tebow’s image as the perfect team player. Tebow didn’t leave Denver in a storm of drama, but he’s leaving New York that way and the crowd that’s getting on hi about that are using his brother’s tweet as even more fuel for their fire of hate.

For the record, as it stands now the Broncos so indeed have more postseason wins under Tebow than they do Manning. But while the Tebow’s have been made out to be the perfect Christian family, their true, much more gritty colors are being shown.

Also for the record, envy and wrath are two of the seven deadly sins — in case the Tebow’s didn’t know.

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  • Kalki

    What’s wrong with someone pointing out the truth? Tebow beat the best defense in the NFL last year in the playoffs. Peyton has not won a post season game. Denver did better under Tebow than Manning. Fans were able to watch 2 post season games with Tebow. With Peyton, they were only able to watch 1. Stop being so anti-Tebow.

    • Bill Hunt

      And that is the FACT!

  • Thomas36

    Again, pocket passers don’t win super bowls. It’s about good defense and a good run game. Tebow only proves that.

  • Chris Danger

    Obviously you are a Tebow hater who like the Jets uses Tebow for publicity. Tebow last year won despite his coaching staff setting him up to fail i.e. run, run, pass (with only one WR running a route the others blocked) until the 4th quarter when he thrived running his own plays.This year he had a coach who has a tattoo of Sanchez’s jersey clothing his practically nude wife on his arm.Of course he would favor Sanchez over Tebow and at the end of the season if he plays Tebow and wins he reveals how dumb he was saying Sanchez gave them the best chance to win.On to the Jags, if you or any of the other “reporters” who keep saying the Jags “put to rest the Tebow rumors” by saying (the full quote is) “As for Tebow he is a member of The New York Jets so I cant see any scenario where Tim Tebow could be a Jaguar”.If you did research you would discover that even speculating about another team’s player before trades are allowed is punishable by heavy fines and penalties for the team. Its called “tampering”. I know using Google wasnt taught in the 1970′s when you were in college but you gotta learn sometime.Oh btw Tebow now has more playoff wins than Peyton Manning in Denver.

  • bkito

    I don’t agree with Tebow’s Brother but believe that it’s what is called freedom of speech, and I also believe he was acting out of emotion for how Tim was pushed out of Denver after he helped to bring the Broncos to the Playoffs last year. Remember, when the Broncos beat the number 1 Steelers Defense in the Playoffs last year, Tebow’s top receiver Eric Decker was knocked out of the game in the 1st quarter (Also, the Broncos previous #1 Receiver Brandon Lloyd was traded earlier in the season), leaving Tebow with not much left in receivers, but Tebow still managed to attain the highest Post Season QB Rating in Bronco history, and threw for 316 yards, the most allowed by the vaunted Steeler D all that year. Sure they got clobbered by the Pats the following week, but with a depleted receiving corp, and playing a New England team (With Bill Belichek, the best coach in the NFL) that had 2 weeks to prepare, it was a little too much to ask for. If anything, that game against the Steelers showed the potential Tim has if he is mentored in the right way.