Brandon Spikes Dances To Indicate Patriots Recovered a Fumble (GIF)

The New England Patriots are starting to pull away from the Houston Texans, and Brandon Spikes is really enjoying himself. Early on in the third quarter, with the Patriots up 24-10 on the Texans, New England forced and recovered a fumble.But while there was a giant pile of players fighting for the ball, Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes wanted to make sure you knew who had recovered.

And he didn’t skimp on the creativity.

The only thing was, the Patriots didn’t recover the ball and possession was retained by the Texans. However, the Patriots are starting to pull away with the game and Houston is quickly getting pushed up against the wall. With the score 31-13 entering the final quarter of play, a one close game has turned into the blowout every one was expecting from the get-go.

Houston made it interesting late in the second quarter, but the Patriots responded by scoring 14 unanswered points in the third quarter.

But while the score may be getting out of hand, at the very least we have the dancing officiating of Brandon Spikes to make it all worth it. Now that he has the skills down, Spikes want to stop imitating Michael Jackson and start studying Ed Hochuli when it comes to the accuracy of his calls.

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  • Greg Leonard

    Patriots did recover, but it was called a stop by forward progress after a controversially short time (a single step was taken backwards before they called it, and less than a second had elapsed). This was one of the ref calls that really got a bad reaction where I was watching it. Loved this part though